How To Get Radiant Ore

slime breeder 2 is a fun, colorful game of exploration rainbow island and catching and raising the wobbly slimes that call it home. However, the island contains more than just slimes. It also houses numerous resources that the player will want to collect. Some of these resources are more valuable than others.

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One of the most coveted resources early on slime breeder 2 is Radiant Ore. This elusive mineral is a key ingredient when purchasing jet pack Upgrade that moves consistently rainbow island much faster and more convenient. Find and acquire Radiant Ore can be done quickly and easily, but only if the player knows the right steps. Here’s everything the player needs to know about how to get it Radiant Ore.


Get the Resource Harvester

While some in-game resources can simply be sucked up off the ground, others are trapped in resource nodes and require a special upgrade to extract them. Radiant Ore is one such resource, so the first step to getting it is to buy it resource harvester Update. The player can do this by visiting the Manufacturer in the lab under that Observatory. purchase the resource harvester requires 450 Newbucks and 10 cotton plot, which you can either pick up yourself cotton slime or found in the wild.

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With the resource harvester The next step in hand is to locate those Rosa Gordo located on the north side of the starting island. The map automatically marks the Gordos location once discovered. So if the player has already explored something, it will be easy to retrace their steps. Gordos are a special breed of slime that will explode if overfed. So the next step is to feed them Gordo until it bangs. Explosive overeating might seem like overkill for such a sane game, but at least it’s handled in a cute way. Luckily that Gordo is pink, so it will eat any fruit, meat, or veg that the player chooses to shoot in its direction.

How to get Radiant Ore

If the Rosa Gordo explodes, revealing a geyser underneath. Climb the geyser and ride the water jet to the ledge above. Then press the button located there. This activates a pillar of light that the player can teleport to Gluttal, leave the ranch behind.

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The player’s mission is almost over as the valley is where Radiant Ore can be found. Unfortunately, its spawn locations are RNG, so the player may have to search a bit before they can find it, and there may be dangerous slimes in the area. The resource node containing the ore is a gray rock with rectangular purple crystals protruding from it. Use of resource harvester sucks the Radiant Ore from the knot so make sure there is an empty tank to hold it.

That jet pack requires 450 Newbucks, 10 phosphor plot, and 10 Radiant Ore to unlock, requiring the player to find multiple resource nodes to harvest enough Radiant Ore to make the upgrade. If the player is having a hard time finding the remaining ore, they can always leave and spend some time back Observatory, and wait for new resource nodes to appear. Alternatively, the player can pay a visit Starlight Beach (accessible via another Gordo found on the starting island), as Radiant Ore spawns there too. When that’s done, there’s nothing left but to return to some relaxed exploration.

slime breeder 2 is now available for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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