How to Get Rich Soil

Along with the addition of Scar and new quests, the first major update is from Disney Dreamlight Valley also adds many new resources for crafting. Some of these were listed in recipes but weren’t available before, like rubies. Some resources are completely new and have never been mentioned in recipes, and that’s the case with Rich Soil. While it may seem similar to Soil, Rich Soil is much harder to come by. Though it takes a lot of effort and a lot of luck, Disney Dreamlight Valley players can get some Rich Soil for themselves here.


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How to get rich soil

Just looking at the game, it seems like Rich Soil is dropping the same way as Clay and Earth. While it can be found everywhere like the game says, the part that gets left out is that Rich Soil can only be obtained by harvesting plants. Whenever Disney Dreamlight Valley players harvest a crop, there is a small chance that Rich Soil will spawn nearby. While this might sound simple, the problem is that Rich Soil has a painfully low drop rate, which is on par with Dreamshards before Gameloft adjusted it.

The best way to efficiently farm Rich Soil is to plant hundreds of seeds of something that grows fast like wheat. After watering, Wheat is ready to harvest within a minute. Not only that, seeds cost one Star Coin each. The Rich Soil drop rate is so low that it’s entirely possible to harvest over 100 plants and still not get more than a Rich Soil or two. It’s unclear if having a companion with the Gardener role will help with the drop rate, but it will help get more harvests per harvest.

Do different seeds have higher drop rates for nutrient-rich soil?

Unfortunately, when it comes to what players plant, it doesn’t matter what seeds they pick. Whether it’s pumpkins, wheat, or tomatoes, the drop rate is the same. It’s unclear if this is intentional, but players hoping for Rich Soil should expect plenty of farming. Crops planted prior to Update 1 also have a chance to drop Rich Soil.

What is rich soil used for?

The first thing players need Rich Soil for is the latest story quest added to the game. For Nature & Nurture, players must collect 10 Rich Soil to craft a Miracle Growth Elixir. Aside from the quest, Rich Soil can also be used for crafting. One of the other uses for Rich Soil is to transform it into Soil. Since Rich Soil is much rarer, it will be converted to 5 Soil. With Disney Dreamlight Valley in Early Access until next year, more recipes and quests that require Rich Soil are very likely to be added to the game. So it’s a good idea to save as much of this as possible for future updates.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is now available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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