How to Get Souvenir Tokens and Claim Souvenir Packages

Valve released the Viewer Pass for the IEM Rio Major 2022 today, April 22nd October, ahead of the tournament set to start later this month.

As always, the Viewer Pass consists of features such as the Pick’Em Challenge, Souvenir Tokens, Event Coins, and the coveted Souvenir Packs, the contents of which remain shrouded in mystery.

Users can directly get three souvenir tokens along with the viewer pass itself by opting to purchase the premium version priced at INR 1,430 (US$18). For those who purchase the cheaper base variant, which costs INR 795 (USD 10), they still have the option of obtaining souvenir tokens through a few alternative methods.

Speaking of souvenir packs, they are nothing more than souvenir-quality limited-edition weapon skins that are obtainable with souvenir tokens and, unlike the regular weapon cases and collections, do not require a key to open.

This is how you can get more souvenir tokens and use them to get souvenir packages during IEM Rio Major 2022.

How to Get Rio 2022 Viewer Pass Souvenir Tokens in CS:GO

The Viewer Pass is available in two variants, the basic version at INR 795 (USD 10) and the premium version at INR 1,430 (USD 18). Both passes grant users access to all features, but the basic variant does not include souvenir tokens, while the premium variant offers three of them.

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Aside from that, users also have an opportunity to earn souvenir tokens by completing certain challenges that come with the Rio 2022 Viewer Pass. These challenges revolve around the community’s favorite Pick’Em challenge for different stages of the tournament – Challengers, Legends, Champions.

Here is the list of nine challenges that you can complete.

  1. Activate your coin before the tournament is over.

  2. Place all nine pick ’em picks for the Challengers Stage before it begins.

  3. Get five correct Pick ‘Em predictions for the Challengers Stage.

  4. Place all nine Legend Stage Pick ‘Em Predictions before it begins.

  5. Get five correct Pick ‘Em predictions for the Legends Stage.

  6. Place all seven pick ’em tips for the Champions Stage before it begins.

  7. Make two correct pick ’em picks for the Quarterfinals.

  8. Make a correct pick ’em prediction for the semifinals.

  9. Make a correct pick ’em prediction for the grand finale.

For every three challenges that a user successfully completes, they will be rewarded with a souvenir token for free. In total, users can get a maximum of three souvenir tokens by completing all of the challenges listed above.

Finally, the last way to get more Souvenir Tokens is to simply buy them in the store, either through CS:GO or Steam, before the Major ends. Each token costs about $2.99.

How to claim souvenir packages in CS:GO during the IEM Rio Major 2022

Souvenir Packs are nothing more than large exclusive cosmetic collections that contain limited edition, souvenir-quality weapon skins. Once obtained by a user, the souvenir packs do not require a key to open them.

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In order to claim a souvenir pack, a user must have a souvenir token. A user can receive a maximum of one package in exchange for one token. To perform this, the user has to follow these three simple steps:

  1. : The user must first select any game from the IEM Rio Major 2022.

  2. : Once the user selects a specific game, they will receive a random gold sticker based on the players and teams participating in that game along with the map where that specific game was played.

Previously, skins acquired via souvenir packs contained four stickers, the tournament sticker, stickers of the two competing teams, and the round MVP’s player signature sticker. But last year, during the PGL Stockholm Major, Valve changed the rules for player-signed decals, resulting in the weapon only featuring three decals.

This year, Valve decided that depending on the user’s choice, souvenirs will contain gold stickers of the teams and a map of the game.

These souvenir packages can only be claimed for matches played as part of the IEM Rio Major 2022. Users have until April 15th December to make a decision and consume them, after which all souvenir tokens and souvenir packages will become invalid.

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