How to get the Apple TV+ app on Android devices

Want to check out some of the latest Apple TV+ content? Apple TV+ has grown a lot these days, from the widespread ones Teddy Lasso to severance pay to current films like The biggest beer run of all time. There is also plenty of content for kids, drama fans, and more.

If you have TV+ content in mind that you would like to consume, you may be wondering if you can get those shows on your Android device. Here’s everything you need to know about how to do it!

Watch on an Android smartphone or tablet

Can you get the Apple TV app on Android? If you’re using an Android smartphone, you can’t download an app for Apple TV+ – the app is available on a variety of TVs and streaming devices. On Apple platforms, there is a native Apple TV app included on iOS, iPadOS, macOS, etc. If you have an Apple TV streaming device, you can also use it to easily watch TV+ content. However, there is currently no Android mobile device support, so you won’t have access to the Apple TV app.[widerangeofTVsandstreamingdevicesOnAppleplatformsthere’sanativeAppleTVappthat’sincludedoniOSiPadOSmacOSetc—andifyouhaveanAppleTVstreamingdeviceyoucaneasilywatchTV+contentwithitaswellHoweverthere’snocurrentsupportforAndroidmobiledevicessoyouwon’thaveaccesstotheAppleTVapp[widerangeofTVsandstreamingdevicesOnAppleplatformsthere’sanativeAppleTVappthat’sincludedoniOSiPadOSmacOSetc—andifyouhaveanAppleTVstreamingdeviceyoucaneasilywatchTV+contentwithitaswellHoweverthere’snocurrentsupportforAndroidmobiledevicessoyouwon’thaveaccesstotheAppleTVapp

There’s a simple workaround to this problem: you don’t need to use an app to watch Apple TV+, all you need is a capable browser. That’s how it works.

Step 1: Open the web browser on your Android TV mobile device of choice. For best results, you’ll probably want to close any currently open apps or background processes before you start streaming.

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Apple TV+ home screen with Severance on it.

Step 2: Visit Apple’s TV+ website. You should be able to access this website on an Android device without any problems.

Step 3: Look at the top right of the site and you should see an option to do this log in. If you’ve already set up Apple TV+, you can now sign in with your Apple Account ID and password. If you haven’t already signed up for Apple TV+, you should select it Try it for free Option to get a free week of Apple TV+.

Of course, if you’ve recently bought a new qualifying Apple device, you can get three months free, but that doesn’t really apply if you only have access to Android devices. After your free trial expires, Apple TV+ costs $5 per month.

Step 4: You can now access Apple TV+ content through your Android device’s browser. TV+ categories should appear that showcase popular shows or genres. Your browser should generally save your login information if you want to watch from your Android device again, but if it doesn’t, you can always come back to the site and choose stream now to log in again. As always, remember that streaming TV shows can really eat up your data, so it’s best to do it over a secure Wi-Fi connection.

Google Play Store on a smartphone in someone's hand.

Watch on Android TV or Google TV

If you’re more interested in watching on your TV, you might be wondering, “How do I install the Apple TV app on Android TV?”

Two things. First, Android TV is now Google TV, an enhanced user interface. Older smart TVs still have the Android TV interface, but they’re essentially two versions of the same service. Google’s latest Chromecast comes with built-in Google TV, as will a range of TVs due out in 2021.

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Second, whether you have Android TV or Google TV, you can download the Apple TV app. Unlike mobile devices, Apple TV is fully supported by Android TV and Google TV, so all you have to do is download it.

Step 1: Go to the Google Play Store and search for the Apple TV app. Here’s a tip: as long as you’ve signed into your Google account on your Android device, from a TV to a Chromecast, that device should be added to your copy of the Google Play Store, no matter where you’re accessing it from . That means you don’t have to deal with sometimes cumbersome TV remote controls – you can just log in using a web browser.

Step 2: Choose To install to download the Apple TV app. Make sure you want it downloaded to your Chromecast or TV, not your computer.

Using the app in front of the TV to control Apple TV+.


Step 3: If you are not already on Google/Android TV, open the platform and go to yours applications Section. The Apple TV app should now download. Open it and use your Apple account information to sign in. Now you should be ready.

Apple TV+ support on other devices

Even if you don’t have an Apple device, the Apple TV app is still supported on a variety of other devices you may have. This includes consoles like Xbox and PlayStation, Roku devices, and Amazon Fire TV devices. You can download the Apple TV app and sign in there if that would be a more optimal experience. Oh, and don’t forget, you can also download Apple TV+ shows to watch offline if you have the storage space.

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