How To Get The Broken Butterfly in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Do you know how to get the broken butterfly in? Resident Evil 4 Remake? Looking for a high-performance side part to carry through the world Resident Evil 4 Remake? The broken butterfly is one of them Resident Evil 4 RemakeThe most powerful weapons. It’s a magnum pistol, so having one in your arsenal is beneficial as it can kill enemies with just one shot. While not particularly difficult to obtain, players who are unaware of this weapon’s benefits may overlook it at first. The Broken Butterfly is a useful weapon to keep on hand despite its cumbersome ammo type.

The Broken Butterfly is slightly different from the other tiny sidearms in the game. Magnum ammo fired from this weapon deals a lot of damage. While it’s not the best weapon in the game, it comes in handy in some situations and can save your life when you’re facing bigger enemies. The weapon’s power stat can reach incredible heights and easily defeat a single enemy when upgraded.How to get the broken butterfly in Resident Evil 4 Remake

How to get the broken butterfly in Resident Evil 4 Remake

A player should follow the listed step by step guide to know how to get the broken butterfly inside Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Step 1: Go through the game until you reach Chapters 3-1.

In chapters 3-1, The Broken Butterfly is available for purchase. Before you can access the weapon, you must progress through the game and arrive at this point. This requires completing previous chapters, fighting enemies, and completing challenges.

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Step 2: Find the retailer.

Selling firearms, ammo and other things is a person called The Merchant who appears several times throughout the game. The merchant can be found near the castle in Chapters 3-1. You have to play the game’s environment, fight opponents, solve puzzles and stay away from traps to get to the castle area.

Step 3: Talk to the seller and buy the broken butterfly from him. The weapon costs 38,000 pesetas.

Step 4: You can sell stuff to the merchant to get more pesetas if you don’t have enough money to buy the gun. You can also search the castle for valuables that you can sell to the merchant.

Step 5: After purchasing the weapon, upgrade it in the merchant’s shop to increase its strength and accuracy.

Step 6: Put on the broken butterfly from your inventory, then aim your gun at enemies to shoot. Since the weapon has a long reload time, use it carefully.

Where can I find the broken butterfly?

The Broken Butterfly is a fantastic Magnum available at the beginning of Chapter 6. Players should visit the merchant’s shop to purchase the weapon for 29,400 pesetas once they reach this chapter. This price is significantly reduced due to the special offer the weapon has during its first encounter.

This can be a good deal if the formula for magnum ammo, worth 7,000 pesetas alone, can be given to players who accept the offer by purchasing the weapon in Chapter 6. Players should grab your gun now as this offer is only available for Chapter 6. In Leon’s situation, The Broken Butterfly only occupies six slots. Therefore, there is not a large space penalty in the inventory.

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To get the Broken Butterfly, players need to get to Chapter 3-1, get the Insignia Key, get the Butterfly Lamp, and solve a problem. Once they get the weapon, they can use the trader to further upgrade it. Players have a powerful weapon to defeat even the most challenging opponents in the game when they hold the broken butterfly in their hands.

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