How To Get The Cursed Dual Katana In Blox Fruits

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With dozens of weapons available blox fruit, it is only natural that some are more powerful than others. A newer weapon that you can get your hands on is the Cursed Dual Katana. This is a mythical sword added to the Roblox Game with update 17.3.

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If you’re looking to get your hands on the Cursed Dual Katana, you’re in luck. In this guide, we’ll go through each step you need to take to get your very own Cursed Dual Katana. To get this weapon you must be above level 2,200.

Requirements for Completion

Hydra Island

Before you can get the Cursed Dual Katana you will need the following two weapons.


To get Tushita, you can follow our step-by-step guide that will take you to Longma, a level 2000 boss.

Yama can be purchased in a few steps. First, Go to the Castle on the Sea and speak to the elite hunter to accept his quest. Now you have to kill 30 elite pirates.

Once this is complete, head to Hydra Island to the secret temple located behind the waterfall. If you’ve already obtained Tushita, this place might look familiar.

Here you just have to break down the gate to the temple and draw the sword. If you haven’t killed 30 Elite Pirates, you will die in the process.

On the way to the floating turtle villa

Both Yama and Tushita require you to raise their Mastery to at least 400. This can easily be done with the swords.

If you have enough mastery, head to the mansion at Floating Turtle in the Third Sea. Instead of going into the mansion, go to the back and talk to the Crypt Master. After that you can enter through the back.

Inside you will find the Yama and Tushita scrolls.

Interacting with a scroll indicates the trial. After completing one, go back to the scroll to get the next one.

The Tushita Scroll is on a pedestal to the left of where you entered. Once you’ve picked it up, you can start the three associated trials.

dock legend

The first exam requires you Chat with three boat traders on three different islands. This is a fairly easy task; Just sail around and talk to three of these NPCs.

sense of duty

Next you need to complete the pirate raid. This is a group that even appears in the Castle on the Sea. We recommend completing this with other players.


The final test requires you to defeat the cake queen. This is a level 2,175 boss that you can find in Ice Cream Land in the Sea of ​​Treats.

This is also quite a difficult task, but teaming up with players can make it go more smoothly. A song will start playing during the fight. If you don’t kill the cake queen before the song ends, you will be teleported to a new location where you must light three torches and defeat all the enemies there.

After completing the Tushita Scroll Trials, you can complete the Yama Scroll Trials. There are also three of them, which you can find below.

pain and suffering

For the first try you must Let an enemy attack you until your HP is low and you die.

The fog of misery

This study requires you Find an NPC with purple markings and kill him. Purple markers can appear on any NPC in the Third Sea, meaning you have to go around and look for them.

Many players point out that there is a high probability that ghosts in the Secret Temple have the purple mark.

Fear the Reaper

Lastly, you need to get Hallow Essence. To do this, go to the Haunted Castle Island and summon the Soul Reaper.

Instead of defeating this enemy let them kill you This will send you to hell where you must Kill all enemies there and light three torches. This is similar to Soulless for the Tushita scroll.

Cursed skeleton boss

If all six attempts are complete, you should now have six Alucard splitters. These shards can be placed on a pedestal in front of the mansion that will summon the cursed skeleton boss.

Kill this boss with Tushita or Yama to get the Cursed Double Katana.

That’s all you need to know about how to get the Cursed Dual Katana. Overall, this can be a long process, but chances are someone else is also working on getting this sword. If you see people doing the same tasks as you, try to work together!

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