How To Get The Gloomy Path Vasoma Fruit In Genshin Impact

When you have reached that Sumeru rainforest in Genshin Impact, and started the world quests for this area, you will most likely cause a lot of confusion as we have never seen anything like this before. The developers knew what they were doing as they gave us a whole book to keep notes.

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Eventually you will have to embark on a journey to find three Ashvattha’s gatherings and get Vasoma fruits from them. The entire quest will reveal a lot of secrets about various Aranara and how they did their best to deal with the spreading Marana.


How to Unlock Ashvattha Concourses Quest

If you’re fairly new to the game, it’s going to take you a lot of effort to even unlock this quest. You need to come to the Sumeru region, which lies behind Liyue, and you have to go through The Chasm to get there. Next you need to find Vimara Village in the Sumeru Rainforest.

This becomes much easier when you light up the area by interacting with the Statue of the Seven in Sumeru. Eventually you’ll stumble across the village and be able to teleport to the waypoint just north of it Start the first part of the Aranyaka quest line.

First you will meet Rana, who will introduce you to the people in a small village, including some children. Eventually, Rana falls into dangerous health conditions while trying to save one of the children. The first part of this quest is pretty easy and you will also come across a Withering Zone in it.

Once the second part of this quest begins you will start meeting the Aranara, with Arana to be the first. If you go, you will meet Arama, who will tell you how to make the rest of the Aranara less afraid of the Traveler, including Araji. Finally, you will be asked to continue helping Aranara and prepare yourself Festival Utsava.

Once this dialogue ends, the quest will branch and you will need to complete a series of side quests to proceed. Finding three Vasoma Fruits from Ashvattha Concourses is one of them, and this will be integrated into the main quest after speaking to the required Aranara NPC.

During this quest you will most likely come across and Unlock a secret Statue of the Seven. To find Ashvattha’s Concourses, teleport to this statue and Follow the path that heads southwest. As shown on the map, you can find Arakavi near the pond with a large branch in the middle.

They could be a little higher near one of the Aranara housesbut you can find the Aranara with the World Quest icon on the mini-map.

Once you talk to Arakavi, they will tell you about it Arayasa, Aradasa and Arasudraka looking for the Ashvattha’s Concourses. After that, you will unlock three quests:

  • The rhythm that leads to the dark path
  • The rhythm that nourishes the sprout
  • The rhythm that reveals the animal track

How to end the rhythm that leads to the murky path

After navigating The rhythm that leads to the Dark Path quest, an area on the map is highlighted with a yellow circle. Go to the teleport waypoint near Gandha Hill and glide towards the circle. Once you’re close enough, you’ll see Arama standing with another Aranara.

Talk to Arayasa and Arama and they will tell you about it Ashvattha’s Concourse, left by another Aranara. After the dialogue, you need to interact with and study the pattern on the grassy rock Use perspective to put the flowers in the right position.

To be honest, this pattern is not easy to understand as it is very confusing. But all you have to do to solve this puzzle is Move to where the glowing flower is on the far left from your perspectiveand then move around a bit until they all light up.

After you light up all the flowers, a yellow beacon will appear next to you. Use the lyre you obtained in the first part of Aranyaka to play and learn the new rhythm. Arama will tell you that the rhythm belongs to Araji, and You will use it multiple times to find the first Vasoma fruit.

Again, a nearby pond will be marked with a yellow circle and you can use the green way to reach the next goal. In the center you will see a tree with a small hut underneath. Defeat the nearby enemies before playing and going through the same song in this shack.

Inside you’ll find a withering area that needs special attention. Activate the dendro fireball pillar on your right and also the hut that will be directly below you. You must go through this second hut to find the required Dendrograna.

Inside you will find three tri-lakshana creatures surrounding the body of water. During this entire process, you also have to defeat a lot of mushrooms. You can apply Dendro to these twig-devoured rocks, and one of them will contain the Dendrograna you need. Interact with it and quickly make your way back through the shack.

Once you make your way down, you’ll see the first petal for withering right in front of you. Use a charged attack on it and a Dendrograna will follow and destroy the petal. There is also a few red flowers on the branches who will attack you when you get close, so it’s recommended to get rid of those as well.

You will avoid a lot of frustration by using a bow character throughout this quest. This is because if you charge the bow for a second and shoot it, it still counts as a charged attack. Plus, you can use it to easily reach petals that are far away.

When all of the above is done, Go to the other end of the ditch with Withering in it where you will find another shack to play a tune on. Inside you will see a Dendrograna chilling in front of an Aranara hut. Use this to remove any nearby petals beforehand back to the main tree.

If you are having trouble finding the petals as they are quite small on the branches you can look at the main bloom and Follow the red tracks that come out of it. These lead you straight to the petals.

Re-enter the hut behind the main tree and cling to the top of the rock in the other area. this will Spawn four small mushrooms that you must defeat to activate the Dendrograna. Go with it to remove the last petal and spawn Marana’s student that’s nothing but some mushrooms.

After getting rid of the main withering tumor, you can do this Go back to the main tree and interact with the yellow aura to enter the main domain. Here you need to unlock three shards for the final gate:

  • For the first one, just defeat the mushrooms in the middle Unlock the first of a total of three shards. Once done, you can use the small shack on the left to enter the next part.
  • Here you can apply Dendro to the flower closest to you to connect to the nearest sliver. Defeat the mushrooms in the cave and Use the Dendrograna to shoot the three rotating discs. Go back to the platform with the hut on it and go inside to find two paths.
  • On the left path you can defeat some mushrooms to get a common chest and there will be one another hut gate on the right leads you ahead.
  • On the other side, activate the mechanism in front to form a bridge and Break the wooden branches on the other side to get the third shard. Activate the second mechanism that spawns claws for the final gate.

Here you fight the last fight against lots of mushrooms. Defeating them all will spawn a door back outside, and so will that first vasoma fruit that you can claim to move on to the next part.

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