How to Get the Old Lock Screen Notification View in iOS 16 (2022): List View, Stack View, Count View

If you have updated About iOS 16 on your iPhone, you may have noticed that your notification center looks different. Notifications now stack at the bottom of the display by default instead of taking up the entire screen. Apple’s reasoning? It aims to showcase your beautiful lock screen, especially since there are several new ways to customize it with widgets, portrait photos, and fresh clock themes.

But if you’re not a fan, don’t worry. You can easily change it back to the original format. We’ll walk you through the steps to revert your notifications back to the old look, and also how to switch to an all-new “Counting” view.

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Three ways to view notifications

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In iOS 15, the only options in the notifications settings were to tweak features like scheduled summarization, show previews, and screen sharing. However, in iOS 16, Apple has expanded your options with three new ways to view notifications in the Notification Center: Count, Stack, and List. This is how they differ:

List view: This is the classic way notifications have been shown on iPhones for years. It’s what you should choose if you don’t like the new stacked view in iOS 16. All your notifications are displayed from top to bottom of the entire lock screen.

Stack view: This is the new default after upgrading to iOS 16 (or setting up a new iPhone 14). With this layout, all of your notifications appear at the bottom of the display. Tap on the bundle and it will expand to fill the screen. Swipe up and you’ll see older notifications below. This view is great for anyone who wants to prioritize the lockscreen wallpaper.

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Count view: This view completely hides your notifications and only shows the total count at the bottom of the screen. For example, if you have two unread text messages, five Instagram notifications, and one missed call, you’ll see “8 notifications” below. You can swipe up to show them and swipe down to hide them again.

How to change the lock screen notification theme

  1. Open settings and tap notifications.
  2. In which Show as Module above, tap To count, stackor List based on what you prefer.

If you ever want to switch to a different view, just follow the steps above again.

Whatever you choose as your default, you can always switch between all three views right from the lock screen through a series of gestures. Swipe all the way up from the bottom of the screen to see all your notifications in list view. swipe down to compact them into a stack; Swipe down again (from the stack view) to hide the notifications and only see the total.

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