How to get the Rebreather in ‘Sons of the Forest’

If you want to get ahead sons of the forest, you’ll want to get your hands on the rebreather. The island you’re slowly working your way around is huge on the surface, but underwater there’s a multitude of other deep-water locations that you can only explore – and frankly loot – with the help of the rebreather – letting you breathe longer.

Additionally, if you want to find the shovel that’s essential to long-term progression, you’ll need to get your hands on this breather. Here’s how to insert the rebreather sons of the forest.

How to get the Rebreather in ‘Sons of the Forest’

The rebreather is on the north side of the map in a small cave accessible near the beach. There is a sealed entrance on the cliff that is boarded up and you need to knock down the boards with a weapon to gain access. If you crash on the northwest side of the island, you’ll spawn right next to this cave, meaning you can get the rebreather within opening hours if you’re brave enough to run past the disfigured horrors that inhabit the cave.

It’s dark in the cave, so you might want to take the flashlight with you for some more light. If not, you can get away with flares and your windproof lighter, but don’t be too surprised when the body horror creatures shuffle out of the darkness. They’re hard to kill, and if you’re playing solo, keep moving to avoid them and save on supplies.

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If you have a choice, go down the lower passage until you see a path that leads to the water. Keep walking past it and you’ll see even more evil mutants – you can fight them, you can sneak past them, you choose – and after that you’ll spot some life jackets on the ground. That means you’re going in the right direction. If you get a chance, turn right and you’ll enter a large chamber with a light source and a huge pool of water.

Don’t jump into the water. It’s a temptation for any player to jump into a giant pool of water whenever the opportunity presents itself, but there’s a giant mutant shark in there and it’d happily maul you if it only had half the chance.

Find your way around the side of the chamber and you’ll find the rebreather on a rock just near the water.

Get out of the rebreather cave

Do you remember the giant mutant shark? Don’t worry, if you follow the real-time guide, watch it directly. The good news is that getting out is a stone’s throw away, the bad news is you have to kill that shark to get out. If you have a pistol or shotgun, you should just shoot the shark with it, if not, you’ll have to hit it with spears. It’s a lot of work, and you may have to retrieve spears from the shark by crouching near the water and pressing the interact button (E by default) as it swims by.

Once the shark is dead, hop in the pool and swim down to find the underwater passage. Follow the tunnel closely – be careful not to get lost as it bends around on itself – and you’ll come out a little way from the beach.

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This is how the rebreather is introduced sons of the forest. For more on the game, check out our guides on using the GPS tracker and befriending Virginia as a companion.

Elsewhere, in a community Q&A answered by sons of the forest Developer Endnight Games, the developer of the Survival success story, has hinted at some plans for the game’s path to the 1.0 release.

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