How to get the River Rapids Wrangler achievement in WoW: Dragonflight

Nestled in the mountains of the Azure Span is one of them WoW: Dragonflight‘s funniest minigames: Ruriq’s River Rapids Ride. Not only is it endlessly replayable, but toy collectors and achievement hunters have good reason to play through it.

If players catch 40 fish during Ruriq’s River Rapids Ride, they will earn the River Rapids Wrangler achievement as well as the Tuskarr Dinghy toy, a Tuskarr-themed boat that allows them to raft across any body of water in the game.

How to catch 40 fish during the River Rapids ride WoW: Dragonflight and earn the River Rapids Wrangler achievement.

How to get the Tuskarr Dinghy toy in WoW: Dragonflight

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Players can first attempt the River Rapids Ride during the Kauriq Gleamlet questline in the Azure Span. “Ruriq’s River Rapids Ride” is the final quest in this questline, and players will have their first chance to collect 40 fish during the minigame when doing this quest for the first time. After completing this quest, you can return to Ruriq in the Azure Span at the coordinates [45, 54] if you want to try the minigame again.

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The best way to collect 40 fish during the River Rapids Ride minigame is to use both skills on your hotbar: Throw Net and Drop Wide Net. The range of the cast net is absurdly long, giving you ample opportunity to catch fish far beyond the limits of the raft. In addition, Drop Wide Net ensures that you don’t miss any fish underneath you during your ride. Fish can be identified by glowing beams of white light scattered throughout the river.

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Be sure to look behind you sometimes – especially during the first leg of the journey – as the fish have a relatively fast respawn rate that can be exploited. After each descent down a waterfall, the River Rapids Ride gets faster and faster with each section, so make it a priority to catch as many fish as possible in the early parts of the minigame when things are a bit easier.

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You can keep track of how many fish you’ve caught using a buff in the top-right corner of your screen. As long as you can get past 40 fish, you’ll be rewarded with the River Rapids Wrangler achievement and the Tuskarr Dinghy toy.

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