How To Get To Northrend, A Guide To Air And Sea Routes

Players have several options for getting to Northrend. These air and sea routes get fans where they need to go.

Some of the most popular and memorable RTS campaigns of the year Warcraft Games took place on the continent of Northrend. It was introduced as a playable zone in The Lich King’s Wrath Expansion in 2008, and the same continent will soon appear in a re-release of the expansion in the current version of World of Warcraft: Classic.

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There are ten zones in Northrend that will take players to level 70, including the PvP area of ​​Wintergrasp and Crystalsong Forest, the new location of Dalaran. However, before anyone can enjoy the frigid arctic winds on their face in the wilds of Northrend, they must get there. There are a variety of modes of transport that can take your character to this vast new continent, but the choices and options differ depending on a character’s faction and class.


There is a breadcrumb quest leading to the new major city called “The Magical Kingdom of Dalaran” which involves speaking to an NPC and immediately porting to Northrend’s largest city. However, this quest is only available from level 74. Another way to port to Dalaran would be to use a mage portal. Mages can port characters of any level to Dalaran, but the catch is that this portal spell is only available to them at level 74.

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By sea

These are the routes taken by members of the Alliance, which makes sense as they already have busy ports in several coastal cities and most intercontinental transport for this faction is already by ship. As a nice change, this is one of the few instances where players don’t have to visit Auberdine’s far-flung docks unless it’s convenient.

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Both starting points of the alliance leave the Eastern Kingdoms.

  • storm wind. Most players will choose to depart from the capital as it is easily accessible via the Deeprun Tram and various other connections by boat. Players originating from Kalimdor can travel directly to Stormwind Harbor from Auberdine in Darkshore and board the Kraken, the icebreaker ship sailing north to Valiance Keep in Borean Tundra. Don’t confuse this with the other icebreaker that stays in port.
  • Port of Menethil. The North Spear is also an icebreaker and hard to miss because it’s the only one here. The Port of Menethil is a small town in the Wetlands that serves as a transport hub to mainland Kalimdor WotLK Expansion means the addition of a new route to Valgarde in Howling Fjord. This location is convenient to the Utgarde Keep dungeon and the nearby Alliance stronghold of Westguard Keep.

Players wishing to recreate King Arthas’ voyage to Northrend as it occurred at the end of the W3 campaign should choose the Port of Menethil as their starting point. Although the old game’s campaign doesn’t specify where he started from and it’s possible he came from Stratholme, he ended up on the Forgotten Shore on the east side of Dragonblight.

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By plane

Horde players will take advantage of the goblin blimp systems already in use for transportation across both continents of Azeroth. Two new zeppelin towers have already been built to take players to either the east or west coasts of Northrend.

  • Orgrimmar. The new Zeppelin Tower, which currently has a working route to Thunder Bluff, will add a new Zeppelin route. Players can find this tower to their right as they exit the main city gates and board The Mighty Wind on the north side of the tower. The goal is Warsong Hold, a central location in the Borean Tundra.
  • lower town This zeppelin tower is located outside of Undercity in Tirisfal Glades, on the slopes next to the village of Brill, right next to the old one with routes to Orgrimmar and Grom’gol. Unlike the new tower in Orgrimmar, there is only one flight from this tower that leads directly to the Veangence Landing Pad in the Howling Fjord.

Borean Tundra is intended for characters level 68 and above, which is another reason it tends to attract more players than Howling Fjord. The eastern region is for at least level 70, which means more difficult quests and higher tier resources, which players should also consider when choosing a route to Northrend.

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