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UPVC windows are the most common choice for Canadian homeowners when looking for new replacement windows today, and with good reason. Many Kelowna window experts claim that these units are usually the most affordable option, locally made and very durable. But does that mean they are the best windows for your home? Or would you like to think about alternatives? Read on to learn all about modern PVC windows and the benefits they can bring to your home.

Are plastic windows and vinyl windows the same?

When buying new windows, you should not confuse PVC (plain plastic) with PVC windows, as they are not the same. While one can still come across plastic windows when buying new, which are among even the cheapest replacement window options, the low price is justified by the poor quality. In addition, PVC windows are not environmentally friendly, so reliable window companies have long dropped the idea of ​​​​selling and installing these units.

While PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is used in many building applications, it is not suitable for windows. On the other hand, a material known as uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) is often used for replacement windows. Such windows are also made from polyvinyl chloride, but go through a completely different manufacturing process, making them a recyclable, durable and energy-efficient solution.

When buying new windows, you should not confuse PVC (plain plastic) with PVC windows, as they are not the same

When buying new windows, you should not confuse PVC (plain plastic) with PVC windows, as they are not the same

All the benefits of uPVC windows for your next replacement project

PVC (or vinyl) windows have many advantages, and as mentioned earlier, Canadians choose them mainly because of their affordable price and high durability. But did you know what other benefits you have when installing vinyl units? Many Kelowna window companies say that uPVC windows are also recognized for:

  • stability over the years. This material will not shrink or warp.
  • Lots of pre-colored options. No painting is required. Homeowners can find finishing solutions to mimic the much sought after wood image.
  • Little ongoing maintenance. Just an occasional cleaning with soap each spring is enough to keep the original appearance for years to come.
  • High energy efficiency. Not inferior to fiberglass or wood, these windows significantly reduce your annual energy bills.
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How to choose the best uPVC windows

Although vinyl windows are very popular today and many companies have them available, you still need to be careful when purchasing new units. If you’re dealing with a window installer, drill down and ask if their vinyl windows are Energy Star certified and NAFS-11 tested. Because even the most beautiful devices can be poor in terms of energy efficiency if they are not tested and approved by the authorities mentioned above. This way you may get less energy efficiency and even not be eligible for government rebates or grants.

Also, make sure you speak to the experts who will advise you on what window styles will work best for your home, what glazing (double or triple glazing) is best, and which areas in your home need to be prioritized if You start a window replacement project. Much luck!

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