How to help people affected by Hurricane Ian

While the impact of Hurricane Ian in Philadelphia was limited to torrential rain and high winds, Florida continues to grapple with the catastrophic destruction left in its wake. At least 52 people have been confirmed dead in the Sunshine State and 1.1 million remain without power. If you’re wondering how you can help, here are some organizations currently working on the ground to support recovery:

Since 1881, the American Red Cross has been helping people affected by disasters, providing shelter, food and blood to those in need. After Hurricane Ian, they accept cash donations.

To date, the nonprofit has provided comfort packages and supplies, hosted over 10,000 people — across Florida, South Carolina and Georgia — and supported family reunification efforts. If you need help locating a missing friend or family member in Florida, call the Red Cross at 800-733-2767.

Donate 🌐online:, 📞 call 800-733-2767, or 📱 text IAN to 90999 (to make a $10 donation).

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, this nonprofit organization has been helping people affected by natural disasters since 2001. As they prepare for the impact of Ian in Georgia, Caring for Others is also raising funds to help people in Florida with clothing, food, water and financial assistance.

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Established after World War II, Direct Relief provides humanitarian aid nationwide. They’ve been helping Florida recover from hurricanes since 2007. They are currently supporting hospitals and clinics with emergency medication and emergency power systems.

In addition, the nonprofit organization delivers Hurricane Prep Packs to state-qualified health centers. These packs contain over 200 medical items including antibiotics, first aid items and medicines for diabetes, high blood pressure and severe allergic reactions.

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This is a private fund set up by the State of Florida to provide assistance during emergencies and natural disasters. At the recommendation of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Volunteer Florida will distribute donations to organizations helping victims of Hurricane Ian.

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VOAD was formed in 1969 after Hurricane Camille. Since then, the religious coalition has been helping people affected by natural disasters. In Florida, they are currently helping with access to food, water and medicine. At the moment they only accept cash donations through their 15 member organisations.

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Founded in 1919, Save the Children helps ensure children’s access to health, education and safety. In 2021, they helped 183 million children around the world, 837,000 of them in the United States. As they continue to assess the impact of the recent hurricane on Florida’s youth, they are distributing water, sanitary kits, diapers, and creating play areas in shelters.

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Founded in 1865, this evangelical organization is part of the Universal Christian Church. In addition to running homeless shelters, after-school programs, and other services, they have a disaster relief program. The Salvation Army is currently working to provide shelter, food, water, baby items, hygiene and cleaning products.

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American Humane, based in Washington DC, was the country’s first national organization established to protect animals. Since 1877, they have established rescue programs and resources to ensure animal rights. During Hurricane Ian, her rescue team has assisted with water search and rescue operations, as well as transported, fed, and housed pets from Florida.

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