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Jack Wallen shows you how to import Excel data into your account to transform your workflow.

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Your company and teams have decided to go full-on down the digital transformation rabbit hole and fully embraced the project management platform. The only thing holding you back is the data in your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Fear not because has an import function that makes it very easy to import this data.

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One thing to note before starting this task is that if you have a multi-tab Excel spreadsheet, will only import the first tab. For this reason, you should break these tabs into separate spreadsheets. There is no way around this restriction.

So let’s get to the import.

What you need to import Excel

The only things you need for this to work is a account and an Excel spreadsheet.

How to import your Excel spreadsheet

Sign in to your account and click on your profile icon in the bottom left of the window. From the resulting pop-up menu (Figure A), click Import data.

Figure A

The pop-up menu has an option to import data.

In the next window (Figure B), click Excel.

Figure B

The options for importing data into

A new popup will appear (Figure C) where you can either drag your file into the box or click Click To Browse to manually locate your data.

Figure C

Upload your Excel spreadsheet to

After adding the file, click Let’s customize your new board (Figure D).

Figure D

Ready to customize your day? Let’s do this.

Here are the board tweaks you need to take care of to complete the import:

  • Select the first row of data (Figure E).
  • Select the first column of data.
  • Customize your columns, making sure to match each column’s title to the data it contains.

Figure E

The import data customization tool.

After customization is complete, click Create board (Figure F), and completes the process.

Figure F

Another click and your data will be imported into

And that’s all for importing an Excel spreadsheet into This is a great way to complete that digital transformation and migrate your data to a more powerful, flexible platform.

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