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In the Central Saanich district, Mayor Ryan Windsor is celebrated unanimously. Eight candidates are running for six municipal council offices. We asked each candidate to outline the most important things the council can do to improve residents’ lives. Their answers are listed alphabetically here.

Christopher Graham

Focus on quality of life: Maintain open spaces and parks to promote rest and healthy living through sports and play. Build hiking trails and support alternative modes of transportation to make travel safer for all of us. Promote and sustain our farms and farmers markets to ensure access to local fresh produce and a healthy diet. Keep taxes low and costs low to maintain affordability. Zone and promote the services we need, such as B. Medical practices and child care. Work with Tsartlip and Tsawout to build a stronger community that works together. Protect the environment to improve the world around us.

Zeb King

My family has lived in Central Saanich for three generations, where my grandmother ran for council in 1979. I am proud to have served five terms as Central Saanich Councilor and am currently working on my PhD at Royal Roads University. To improve residents’ lives, the City Council must bring down the skyrocketing cost of living, especially for those on fixed incomes who are struggling with high inflation and high prices for transportation, housing, groceries and more. My efforts in transportation, energy efficiency and food security reduce costs and help save our planet. For dialogue and information see

Geoff Krause

Did not answer.

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Jackie Lee

The Council can improve the lives of Central Saanich residents by making considered and thoughtful planning decisions that protect Central Saanich’s rural and small-town character.

Many residents have said they want their adult children to be able to live in more affordable housing here, and have expressed support for more caravans, cottages and second homes, and for small-scale development.

Planning for parking, traffic calming measures and speed limits should be done at the time of development.

Public input and transparency in decision-making should be characteristics of all planning decisions.

Gord Newton

The most important thing is that the advice is functional and respectful. Functional like respect for one another, employees, the public and members of the community. Respectful of how we treat and listen to others and how taxpayers’ money is spent. As we continue to see significant inflation, treating your tax dollars with respect must become increasingly important.

At a time of increasing discord and deplorable behavior on social media, more than ever, we need to show one another more respect and “be kind, calm, and safe.”

Niall Paltiel

Niall’s “big idea” for improving living in central Saanich is to draw the City Council’s attention to major transport improvements that will link Saanichton, Brentwood Bay, Tanner Ridge/Keating, Tsartlip and Tsawout in safe walkable and cycleable loops connect from Central Saanich. These loops would be accessible, well marked by signage, and clearly interconnected throughout the community. Imagine having clear sidewalk and trail connections with signage, information about local history, the importance of First Nations and the directional signage for local businesses. Niall’s vision is for Central Saanich to be known for these community loops and become the gold standard for securely connecting neighbors, businesses and students.

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Sarah Riddell

The most important thing City Council can do to improve the lives of residents is to build and promote a healthy, engaged and inclusive neighborhood by:

· Supporting diverse housing options for people of different ages, backgrounds, incomes and abilities;

· Improvement of road safety and active transport infrastructure;

· Use of district tools to attract and retain important health and community services;

· Expansion of our playgrounds, parks, trails and recreational facilities; and

· Support for farmers, artisan producers and other local businesses.

With your help, I can bring my many years of experience, vast knowledge and passion to the council table and help us get there!

Bob Thompson

There are several areas the council can address, including safe road travel and partnerships to alleviate the health crisis, but the most critical is housing. Providing diverse housing options through sensitive padding and densification is a challenge in itself, but the question of “affordability” is crucial.

We have a social responsibility to meet the housing needs. Companies need housing for employees. The rents are so high that some young workers are moving away. Council should focus its efforts on different types of housing such as four- and six-family houses and off-market housing, as supported in our draft official community plan.

The primary election begins on October 5 with General Election Day on October 15. For more information on how or where to vote, visit your municipality’s website. You can find Election Night results and other lead-up coverage under the Elections tab on

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