How To Insert A Tampon Step By Step

® tampon, and with the full length of your index finger, ease it into your vagina, aiming toward your lower back. They need to locate their vagina correctly and insert the tampon there.

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Wash your hands with soap and water.

How to insert a tampon step by step. If not, select another tampon and unwrap it with clean hands. The tampon should be completely sealed in plastic wrap. Take a break and try again in a couple hours.

Insert the entire device (applicator and tampon) about a centimeter inside of your vagina. Cardboard applicators may be a little bumpier. When ready gently push tampon up into your vagina.

Finding the angle that’s right for you can help make it feel more comfortable to insert, too. Insert the tampon with an applicator This is an important step in how to properly insert a tampon.

Cara memasang tampon untuk pertama kali. Insert the tampon when your flow is moderate to heavy. Sit, stand or lay in a comfortable position.

Place the tampon at the entrance of your vagina. If you're afraid to insert a tampon for the first time, sit comfortably with your legs spread, and choose a regular or light tampon. Take a deep breath to relax.

It may take a couple tries to get it in the first time and that's totally okay. If you can’t find the tampon, insert your finger into your vagina and move it around the walls in a circular motion. With your free hand, gently hold open the skin around the vaginal opening.

It is below the hole from which the person urinates. Though this isn't mandatory, inserting the tampon when you've just begun your period and your flow is still light will make it a bit harder for it to easily glide into your vagina. Remember to hold the tampon at the end where the string’s hanging out and insert the other end of the tampon inside your vagina.

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Tampon is a feminine hygiene product used to absorb menstrual flow. With the removal string hanging down, insert the outer tube of the tampon applicator into your vagina at a slight upward angle, toward the small of your back. Plastic applicators tend to be the smoothest.

Put the end of the tampon against your vaginal opening at about a 30 degree upward angle towards your lower back so that it aligns with the direction of the vaginal canal. Just take it out and start all over with a new tampon; A tampon is inserted correctly if you cannot feel it.

With dry hands, unwrap the tampon. Memasang tampon tidaklah semenakutkan yang anda bayangkan, selama anda tahu cara. Now, insert the tampon along the path created by your index finger.

If it is uncomfortable, take it out and try again with a new one. Once the tip is in place, aim the tampon toward your lower back, not straight up. Hold the tampon firmly between your middle finger and thumb.

Make a mental note of the time. Hold the tampon at the grip (the smaller part right above the plunger) and place the tip of the tampon at your vaginal opening. With your other hand hold open your labia.

You need to be completely relaxed at this stage as this is where you get ready to properly insert the tampon in your opening. Now you need to angle this applicator inside your vagina. Not sure where to hold it?

Hold the tampon like a pen so the string hangs down. To insert the tampon without having to put your finger inside your vagina, you simply insert the applicator and press down the tube. Memasang tampon dapat menjadi pengalaman yang menakutkan dan menegangkan bagi anda yang baru pertama kali mencoba.

If you drop the tampon on the floor, throw it away and begin again with a new tampon. The direction in which you should aim the insertion is towards your lower back. Your vagina doesn’t go straight up into your body, it actually has a slight angle.

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Take a deep breath and relax. While holding onto the indentation with two fingers, push the applicator’s inner tube towards you with your index finger. A tampon shouldn't be worn for over 8 hours.

Gently slide the applicator all the way into your. Though this isn't mandatory, inserting the tampon when you've just begun your period and your flow is still light will make it a bit harder for it to easily glide into your vagina. If your flow is heavier, the walls of your vagina will be more moist and will allow the tampon to.

Take the tampon out of the wrapper. Don’t be embarrassed to see a doctor if you can’t find the tampon and/or can’t seem to get it. Generally, most tampons are similar and all you have to do is twist the applicator barrel to open up the tampon, remove the bottom half to reveal the inner tube and hold it with one hand.

If you’ve never used a tampon before, it’s best to read instructions on the wrapper. Be sure to toss the wrapper in the bin. Sitting on the toilet with your knees spread, insert the tip of the tampon into your vaginal opening use your thumb and middle finger to hold and guide the tampon while using your index finger to push it in.

Hold the larger tube of the tampon between your middle finger and your thumb. Look for little grip marks. It can be the difficult step for the ones using it for the first time and those who have never touched their vagina.

If your flow is heavier, the walls of your vagina will be more moist and will allow the tampon to. Try to only touch the applicator with your fingers. If you feel the tampon string, you can insert another finger and grab the string between both fingers and ease the tampon out.

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Before the tampon, insert the index finger in the vagina to kind of make a pathway for the tampon entrance. Position tampon within the vaginal opening. We touch lots of stuff throughout the day with our hands and don’t want any germs to get in our most sensitive areas.

Unwrap the tampon, then find the opening of your vagina and insert the tip of the tampon with the string facing down. Choose a tampon with the lowest absorbency needed for your flow. When the tampon is in the right place, you won’t feel it.

Take the tampon in one hand and gently insert it into your vaginal opening (string side down) until you reach the small indentation on the applicator’s side, about halfway up. Some brands of tampons have small ridges on the larger tube to show you where to hold the tampon. This is the first step in how to put a tampon in correctly.

Push the tampon up/back towards. Insert the tampon when your flow is moderate to heavy.

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