How To Install and Run Android Apps on Windows 11

Screenshot of the Amazon App Store

The Amazon App Store on Windows 11.
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Android apps have arrived Windows11… somehow. The feature is still called “Preview” for now, and you’re limited to apps from the Amazon Appstore (not Google’s), but it’s open to everyone and won’t take long to get started. Here, We’ll walk you through the steps to install Android apps on your Windows 11 computer.

The appeal is obvious: being able to load Android apps and games while the phone stays in your pocket. Your PC gives you more screen real estate and the convenience of keyboard and mouse input. So there are many reasons why you would want to bring your most used apps to a desktop interface.

To get started, you’ll need to download the Amazon Appstore from the Microsoft Scrack. Open the Microsoft Store from the Start menu, then search for “Amazon Appstore”: select the appstore when you find it, then click Receive In order to install it on your system, you have to go through a few confirmation screens and wait a few minutes while the required virtualization technologies are set up.

Screenshot of the Amazon Appstore on Windows

You must first install virtualization software.
screenshot: window

If you’re interested in what’s happening behind the scenes here, the Amazon Appstore for Windows 11 runs on a platform called Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) – this platform combines a Linux kernel with version 11 of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), without the trimmings that Google offers for its Pixel devices.

You can then Launch the Amazon portal for Android apps from the Start menu, a portal that anyone with experience will be familiar with a Amazon Fire tablet. You also need to sign up with an Amazon account. So if you don’t have one (or don’t want to use the one you have), you’ll need to sign up on the Appstore.

Screenshot of the Amazon Appstore on Windows

A limited number of settings are available.
screenshot: window

The Amazon Appstore isn’t difficult to get around: you can use the search bar at the top to look for specific apps and games, or browse through the categories that appear when you scroll down the store front. If you see something you like, click the thumbnail to take a closer look, then select it Receive to install it and Open to start it.

Android apps that you installed from the Amazon Appstore appear in the Start menu like any other app — you don’t have to go through the Appstore every time you want to run the app. The process to uninstall these apps is also the same as usual (via applications and Apps & Features in the Windows settings area).

At the moment, the app selection is pretty meager, and you might struggle to find apps that are actually useful. Apps available on Fire tablets, including Instagram and Dropbox, are nowhere to be seen on Windows – this appears to be related to the feature’s current “preview” status on Windows 11 at the moment, so we’re hoping for a better app -Selection will follow soon.

Screenshot of the Amazon Appstore on Windows

Facebook Messenger is one of the available apps.
screenshot: window

Even with a full-strength Amazon Appstore, this isn’t the Google Play Store and you won’t find anything from Google here (including YouTube). It’s possible to hack Windows 11 to run Google Play Store, but it’s a complicated process that requires a certain level of programming knowledge, and right now it’s not worth it for most people.

click settings on the left and you can customize various aspects of the Amazon Appstore experience, including how download notifications are handled and whether or not apps can update themselves automatically. Some basic parental controls are also included here in case youconcerning worried about kids having access to your pc causing huge bills on your amazon account.

Screenshot of the Audible app on Windows

You can install the Amazon Audible app.
screenshot: window

Speaking of in-app purchases, you’ll see references to Amazon Coins in the app store. These coins are virtual currency that you can use to buy apps and items within apps – You can buy them in bulk to get them cheaper, and you’ll occasionally see them being offered for free as part of promotions. These coins have no expiry date, so you don’t have to worry about using them before a certain date.

Gaming is perhaps where the Amazon Appstore is strongest on Windows 11 at the moment, and there are some simple games you can play to while away the time. Other notable apps include Facebook Messenger, podcast portal BBC Sounds, and Amazon’s own Audible and Kindle apps. There is clearly still a long way to go but and much more.

Keep in mind that there are alternative ways to get your phone apps installed on your computer regardless of this being completed Running a web version a specific app in a browser or with one of the various emulator programs who are out there. point is, your smartphone apps don’t necessarily have to get stuck on your smartphone.

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