How to Install (& Play) Stardew Valley Expanded Mod

Stardew Valley Expanded is a fan-made expansion packed with tons of high-quality content, yet difficult to install for those with no modding experience

The very popular Stardew Valley expanded Content enhancement is high on the list for many Stardew Valley fans when it comes to installing mods. Now that ConcernedApe’s evergreen farming sim seems to be entering its sunset years in terms of content updates, players on PC are increasingly relying on the game’s thriving modding scene to refresh them Stardew Valley Experience. As a matter of fact, Stardew Valley’s The upcoming 1.6 update will focus on improving mod support, perhaps hoping that the game will be mod-supported for some time to come. Unlike some mods, Stardew Valley expanded can be a tricky install, especially for those with no prior modding experience.


without mods, Stardew Valley already offers hundreds of hours of content for players to experience, with an expansive and rich world, dozens of crops to harvest, and multiple romantic bachelor and bachelorette parties. However, many of the game’s most avid fans have managed to see all there is to see and Stardew Valley Extended (SVE) offers an impressive amount of fresh content. Created by a team of modders led by FlashShifter, SVE overhauls the game world, adds new NPCs and character events and even manages to introduce brand new quest lines.

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To install and play Stardew Valley mod incl SVE, players must first back up their game files and then install SMAPI, the game’s unofficial mod loader by modder PathosChild. Luckily, SMAPI comes with a specially designed installer, so getting it up and running isn’t too difficult. Unfortunately given the sheer size SVEplayers need to install several additional mod files for it to work properly.

How to Install Stardew Valley Expanded for Stardew Valley

SVEs Installation Guide lists nine mods that players must download and install before installation SVE. These include:

Lucky for players hoping to meet up Stardew Valley Expanded new NPCs, the installation process for all of these is simple. SMAPI creates a dedicated modifications Folder, so for each of these nine mods, players just need to download and unzip the files, then drag and drop them into the mods folder. Once this is done, players can download SVE yourself and install it in exactly the same way.

The process of installing nine mods might seem daunting, but it’s worth noting that there’s not really much to do besides putting files in a folder. While players can install most SVEs content in this way, SVEs Creators also recommend installing theirs Grandpa’s farm Map, available at SVEs NexusMods page to replace the default farm layout. Even though Stardew Valley expanded aims to give players “that magical feeling they had when they first played Stardew Valley”, it also aims to stay true to ConcernedApe’s vision. players who hate Stardew Valley’s Pierre can therefore continue to do so while still enjoying an experience that is arguably undeniable Stardew Valley in its best possible form.

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Source: Stardew Valley Expanded, FlashShifter on Github

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