How To Install Pool Cover Anchors

Chalk line should be parallel to pool, this will ensure that all anchors will be aligned. Place cover over the pool carefully so you do not snag or damage the pool cover.

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If you own or just purchased a pool safety cover, congratulations!

How to install pool cover anchors. Attach springs to cover straps, then install springs on anchors, using installation rod (see spring installation below). The overlap can vary from 10 to 15 inches. With first 8 anchors secured, snap a chalk line along the perimeter of the pool using installed anchors as a guide.

After installation, pool safety cover must be inspected for debris accumulating on top of cover. They screw down flush to the ground for the the pool season and screw out to provide anchor points for springs attached to the cover straps. How to install pool safety cover anchors.

Pool takes a 22′ x 42′ cover. Some older anchors are pop up type. Remember to alternate sides and to attach and secure each spring as each anchor is installed.

Pool dealer pool size cover size overlap anchors date installed meyco products relies on the experience and knowledge of pool professionals to properly install our products. Install remaining anchors down the length of pool, being sure to locate the anchor on Failure to keep top of cover clear may cause water to puddle and failure of pool cover.

Adjust for correct overlap on all sides. The pavers are roughly 4 inches thick; The cause can be pressure around the top few threads, when an anchor is pounded into a hole that is just millimeters too small.

The brass anchors are ¾” and the hole needs to be 2” deep. Works with all major pool cover manufacturer/brands. Pool cover anchors are used to fasten the straps of winter pool covers to the ground or deck.

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Stretch the cover over the pool and use buckets of water to hold it in place. Stickers are those pool cover anchors that won’t turn up, and/or won’t turn down. An effective replacement for old worn out pool cover anchors.

Overlap on each side may vary 11″ to 14″. Installation of pool lift anchors typically requires bonding of the anchors according to your local code requirements. Earlier this year we had a complete renovation done on our inground concrete pool.

These come in a pack of 10 and you will need one for each strap that your pool cover has. • locate and install anchors and springs for straps 5, 6, 7 and 8. A safety cover is one of the best pool products you can buy.

This cover needed many slight adjustments. Safety covers look great, protect the pool while keeping kids safe, and with a 12 year … I also purchased a new safety pool cover.

Damage that occurs to covers that are not installed properly or maintained properly per the guidelines in this document will not be covered by meyco’s warranty. The anchors for this type of cover are flush with the deck when the cover is off the pool. Brass winter safety pool covers safety cover anchors brass concrete anchors.

According to standard sizes : Posted on october 23, 2015 by davy merino october 16, 2020. When not in use they recess flush with the deck.

Anchor points should be located 18 form the edge of the cover (not the edge of the pool) and in line exactly with the strap. Our pool covers secure to the deck surface with rustproof brass anchors. Measure the pool and the pool cover.

After all the deck anchors are drilled, spend time to adjust strap length to equalize spring compression and to provide better coverage or better fit in certain areas, as needed. I once installed a safety cover on an inground pool that had no deck. Using a chalk line or piece of string, mark a straight line between corner anchors on all four sides of deck.

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A 20′ x 40′ rect. Install remaining anchors working from the middle of the pool out, pulling back each strap until cover edge is aligned. If you need to order replacement springs for your pool this is a 5 pack of safety cover springs.

Step 4 snap a chalk line along the perimeter of the pool, using corner anchors 18 from cover as a guide. According to the nec (national electric code), bonding is required of any metallic product within 5 feet horizontally and 12 feet vertically of the pools edge and is designed to protect users by equally. Each of these swimming pool covers is relatively easy to install and remove.

Our stainless steel buckles and aluminum strap tips won’t rust or stain your swimming pool decking and our stainless steel wall anchors won’t stain rock walls like others. Take the difference in width and length and divide by two. Lay the safety cover over pool and adjust for equal overlap at all 4 corners of the pool.

5/8 x 11 unc brass pool cover anchors : If the cover has cutouts, adjust for proper alignment now. For installing a safety cover on a pool with a wooden deck you will require these wood deck anchors for pool safety covers.

Install the 8 anchors at the 4 corners of the pool (see anchor installation below). Mesh safety covers stretch across your entire pool and protect it and your kids from falling in. Planter & grass cover anchors.

The anchors are typically brass. 9/16 x 12 bsw brass pool cover anchors. Both our anchor mesh safety pool cover and defender mesh.

I have to put 24 concrete anchors into the concrete surrounding the pool so the loops of the pool cover can attach to them. This will determine the overlap of the cover. As debris collects on top of pool safety cover, cover must be swept to ensure that rain water can drain.

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Pool • after completing the initial installation of the first 8 anchors, install remaining anchors working from center of the cover to the ends. Does anyone have instructions on how to install the cover on a paver brick surface. Hello i just had my whole yard done in pavers.

Slightly (2”) away from the center of the pool to allow for eventual cover stretch. Remove all swimming pool ladders and handrails 2. I have the special poles that are needed for paver installation.

These are retractable pool safety cover anchors anchor has an octagon allen head hole for adjustment of screwing the anchors into and out as they are needed 5/8 anchor. Our pool is surrounded by a new belgard paver patio. The “best” pool cover should be secured with the “best” hardware.

Install springs onto straps with equal adjustment. When all eight corner anchors are installed, adjust the strap through the buckles for proper tension and equal overlap. Pull cover tightly to remove packing wrinkles and help cover to float on pool surface.

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