How to Keep Calm, Focused and Present During Hard Times

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There is no shortage of stressors in today’s world. Take your pick: bleak economic forecasts, climate change, conspiracy theories; Today, even stray Chinese weather balloons can spark nationwide panic. However, most of the negative nonsense in the news is often just noise. The somber part, in particular, is often the attention-grabbing twist that predicts the worst possible outcomes and causes unnecessary worries about the future. So how do we combat this noise, remain calm, focused and present to others? Our mindset, self-care, and intentional relaxation can get us through almost anything.

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Way of thinking

When we set our mind to focus on the present, including being present for others, we divert focus from the past and the future. Our actions shape the future that we can control in the present. Ironically, when we worry about possible futures, we expend precious energy on what we can’t control rather than what we can achieve through action. Focusing on the present means mindfully preparing each day, paying attention to the tasks and people we interact with without being distracted by past and possible future outcomes.

A can-do mentality, realized through constant planning and consistent execution, is crucial. Creating a daily plan that summarizes your most important goals is easier than you imagine. Such an approach will help you ignore harmful noises and focus on the things that move you forward. You need a perspective that has all of that not Going by your plan is also good and serves as a learning experience and input for a changed or improved approach. Gratitude for whatever happens as a learning and growth experience is a way to avoid disappointment and discouragement.

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Focusing on gratitude daily is fundamental to a sense of well-being. Look at negative events that directly affect you as avenues for learning and growth – you will revise your plan – rather than the way of life hurting you means you see everything as positive. Couldn’t avoid it? A lesson for the future. This perspective brings the focus back to the journey you have already defined; They control the goals and action plans and have simplified them and combined them into a daily checklist. This methodology will keep you on track despite unexpected circumstances that will naturally arise.

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A holistic approach to well-being includes, above all, regular exercise, proper eating and drinking, and adequate sleep. We might get tired of hearing about these basic things. However, people often underestimate its importance in all other areas of personal performance and health, including spiritual, mental, and emotional health. For example, a good walk or a workout in the morning will help clear your head and prepare you for your daily routine. In addition, exercise sends positive chemicals to your brain, making you healthier and happier. However, regular exercise is not enough. You also need to watch what you eat.

Without going into specifics – because everyone’s nutritional needs are different – the healthier you can eat, the better you will think, function, sleep, work and interact with others because how you feel affects these things. General recommendations that apply to all of us are avoiding sugar and alcohol, consuming too much salt, eating processed foods, fast foods and anything that has a long list of ingredients. Going organic whenever possible and minimizing unnecessary medication will rid your mind and body of toxins. Finally, detailed blood tests and discussions with a doctor or other professional can help you fine-tune your diet for optimized health.

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Without adequate sleep, you cannot concentrate, your body does not recover, your mood and emotions can be affected, and your productivity in achieving your goals and implementing your plans will be impacted. Adequate sleep is the third important component of good health, along with regular exercise and nutrition. They are all connected; Exercise and clean eating make sleeping easier as your digestion becomes easier and better, and if you’re naturally tired you can sleep deeper to recharge for the next day.

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Busy people tend not to have the time to get sucked into a lot of the negativity that is constantly going on in the world. Instead, they focus on what they can control. However, it would be best if you took regular breaks for mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Plan your breaks and take them ad hoc if necessary. The pandemic has freed many of us from the rigid 9-5 schedule, so knowing when and how to take a break, and taking it, is critical to continuing to perform at our best.

Many people have also found it very healing to connect with nature, be it in the morning, at noon, during breaks, or at night. Just getting outside, leaving the technology behind, breathing in the fresh air and feeling the sun is often more than worth the time; You will naturally feel better and more connected to life. There’s plenty of evidence that something like this makes a difference. So if you’re indoors all day and night, consider it a red flag and something you can change to your advantage.

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Don’t forget to have fun and laugh alone or with your family, friends and co-workers. Laughter and human connection with those we love, regularly and often, improve our well-being, help us focus better and be happier. Just a little time with someone you love can be priceless. So don’t forget to prioritize this as part of your day; with health and mindset you can do it! Never give up trying; Revise your plans and move on.

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