How To Keep Pigeons Away From Balcony

Now for the last 2 weeks it has been a battle, they bring twigs and branches every two minutes and i sweep it all away every two hours. It is also the plenty of food cities offer that attracts them.


Having pigeons take up residence on your balcony is frustrating and can ruin your enjoyment of the space, but there are things you can do to encourage them to find somewhere else to call home.

How to keep pigeons away from balcony. You can also use visual deterrents to keep pigeons away from your balcony. How can i keep pigeons off my balcony? That is why cities are their natural habitat.

How to keep pigeons away from my balcony. We have two pigeons who are trying to build a nest in the corner of my balcony. Just keep in mind that the honey may attract other unwanted visitors, such as wasps, ants, and flies.

You won’t need to wall your balcony off! This will keep the pigeons away from your place. Just place some cooked rice on the balcony and pigeons will stay away from you.

They use this spot to look around for any nearby predators. Pigeons are considered domesticated animals, kept by man for centuries. Afterwards, you apply silicone to the bottom of the spikes and position them along the edge of the ledge going around your roof and then one behind the other as you move toward the middle of the roof.

So, this makes pepper as an effective remedy to keep pigeons away. To get rid of pigeons, try hanging up wind chimes or aluminum foil pans around your property. A cool retro look, with a purpose.

When you hang the mobile on your balcony, if all goes to plan then the reflective surfaces moving in the wind will scare the pigeons and they will fly away. Pigeons do not like strong spices, such as black pepper, chilli, or cinnamon. A cool retro look, with a purpose.

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Put them out there at random times and the pigeons will soon get the idea. Use reflective or shiny materials; Make spice bags or spread a generous amount of these spices around popular.

It is merely a translucent paste in the gel form whose mere light coat around the. Cheer up, i have some good news for you. These fowl aren’t fans of shiny things.

Also, cover the areas where these birds tend to roost. I can't very well be using chemicals with my kid around so i am at my wits end. I live in a apartment with my 2 year old boy.

Many people sprinkle some honey solution to naturally ward off pigeons. When they can’t perch, they’ll soon leave. Repeat the remedy every time the birds go out to fetch for food.

Pigeons stay away because of the stickiness that comes with the honey solution; You can then use duct tape to attach it to the railing at 2/3 inch intervals. I live on the 4th floor and theres these pigeons that are always there and they crap everywhere and they try to lay eggs its horrible!

Thread the cds onto a fishing line. There are some much easier ways to keep the birds away. If you are a dog or cat owner then allowing yoyur pet to freely visit the balcony will ward off pigeons.

Use pet cats & dogs as a deterrent. Mirrors and noise this method will keep all birds away. A decoy owl or hawk, or some shiny rubber snakes can also scare the pigeons away.

It is also effective in getting rid of termites. Asking yourself, “how to keep pigeons away from my balcony?” use reflective or shiny materials, put animal decoys to scare them away, set up wind chimes and more. Strips of shiny wrapping paper blowing in the breeze, old cds hanging from string, and colourful spinning pinwheels are some cheap and easy options.

Make sure you do not harm the pigeons and gently shoot them away using a water hose. The sounds and reflecting lights will scare away any pigeons that fly by. Another method to scare pigeons away from a balcony is a frequent human presence.

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Anyone know a way i can repell them away from my balcony? The birds like to keep a safe distance from pets and will therefore stay well away from your balcony. How to keep pigeons away from my balcony.

If you can’t scare the pigeons away, you can at least keep them from perching. Simply spread the wire so each loop is about 1.5 inches apart. The amount of silicone applied should be the width of your pinky or more if your ledge is not even.

Thread the cds onto a fishing line. Prop the owl in the corner of your balcony, where it will be visible to the pigeons, or scatter some rubber snakes in the vicinity of your porch. Once you find such a spot, get a piece of wire or a heavy gauge fishing line.

While a simple tactic, pigeons find it quite uncomfortable to land on. All you need to do is, sprinkle some pepper powder on the roof. I bought a plastic owl with a rotating head, but unless i move it around the balcony every day, they.

I don’t know how this works but many people say cooked rice is pretty effective. Keep your balcony and terrace views free from pigeons how to keep pigeons away from your balcony having a bird’s eye view is wonderful, especially when you are spending more time at home, however, if birds actually decide to take up residence on your balcony or terrace you will need to take action. You can use a slinky or insulation wire on the railing to help keep pigeons from perching there.

For pigeons, make sure any pet food or garbage is out of site and smell, and/or unreachable by these hungry birds. In case you are not a bird lover as i am, you can use cds or hang a mirror on your balcony to keep these perky birds away. The birds like to keep a safe distance from pets and will therefore stay well away from your balcony;

Spreading some honey on roof ledges or balcony can help to keep them away. Using bird repellent gel in the spots where they land and sit is the most direct way you can keep away pigeons off your balcony. You can also put out a decoy bird, like a fake hawk or owl, to scare off pigeons.

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If you have a problem with pigeons on your balcony then here are 6 tricks you can use to keep them away: The use of visual deterrents to keep pigeons away from your balcony can prove to be quite effective. After putting up with two rounds of pigeon babies being born and raised because i had a heart or something, enough is enough.

When you hang the mobile on your balcony, if all goes to plan then the reflective surfaces moving in the wind will scare the pigeons and they will fly away. Reflective light would create a visual deterrent for pigeons and other types of birds because the sun irritates their eyes. It is observed that pigeons tend to make nests when no one is using the balcony, usually when occupants travel a lot or are out of town for a while.

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