How To Keep Possums Away From House

The trash cans are in the gara. Nearly everyday, i find a raccoon/and/or opossum dropping outside my garage or on our front walkway.

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This site is intended to provide opossum education and information about how to keep possums away from your house, garden, or fruit trees, so that you can make an informed decision if you need to deal with a opossum problem.

How to keep possums away from house. This will effectively block large possums. How to keep possums out of your house: Additionally, keep your grass mowed and the area around your house free of piles of wood, grass clippings, or other debris, which can provide cover for possums.

Rather than hiding away all your precious plants every night before the nocturnal creatures come out on the prowl, brew yourself a cup of tea. Use a tool, such as a snare pole as seen below, to grab the animal and bring it outside, or in a trap. Plus, the cat house will stay warmer for your kitties!

I had a hunter id them for me once. What do you do if there is a possum in your house? Keeping possums away isn’t that hard.

You have three main options for getting an opossum out of the house: If you can move your cat house to an area that you visit more frequently, possums will be afraid to come near! This site provides many opossum control articles and strategies, if you wish to attempt to solve the problem yourself.

To a possum, the crawlspace under a house seems like a good place to set up its own home. The problem with these devices is that there is not enough evidence supporting their efficiency. The urine of the red fox, which is available quite readily and cheaply, is a safe.

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Check your trap frequently—nothing wants to be locked up without food or water for very long. Opossums are omnivores that will readily eat from a trash can or an exposed compost pile. Follow these tips to keep possums away from your property.

Having cats and dogs can help deter possums away from your property. Start with blocking the entry point with hard substances, which these pests cannot simply rip off with their claws. If you have to avoid these annoying animals being in your garbage or your house, you must learn how to eliminate them.

Instead of purposefully keeping your pet outside to ward off opossums, take its hair after each time you brush them and scatter it around the areas where they’ve caused damage around your property. You have to know what the possums look like in size, color, and what they feed on. Try to minimize the opening of your cat house.

Not only do they taste bad, but they can also create a burning sensation. Replace patio screens and window screens. Dark, ground level and protected from the elements, a home's crawlspace has the same qualities a possum would seek for its den in the wild.

Close and seal all but one of these areas as you will want one escape/exit area for the animal. Ooh, thanks to all for the information and ideas. How do i keep possums away from my house?

Invest in a garbage bin with a clamp or make one yourself using ropes, cords, or heavy weights. Seal up your attic entry points, check vents and chimneys. Fortunately, i'm sure the workshop community can come to the rescue of

But don’t worry if you don’t have any. It is time for you to learn how to naturally get rid of possums by applying some elements at home. The pungent aroma of garlic cloves is believed in some quarters to keep possums at bay.

Most homeowners, on the other hand, prefer not to have a possum living under their house. Block any crevices to your attic and clear or seal any possible bridging (from a tree or other point) and any kind of footing they may be used to climb up there. Possums are adorable when they are climbing trees and dashing across electrical wires.

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The smell of a predatory animal’s urine, a common way for animals to mark their territory, can be quite effective to keep away possums. Try moving your cat house to a. Like most mammals, possums use their sense of smell to determine whether a particular area is safe for them to seek refuge.

Go back to the opossum removal page. You don’t actually have to have a cat or dog, all you really need is their hair or fur. Put the brew in a spray bottle and spray over the plants the possums seem to like, and around other areas.

I had issues with both opossum and raccoons at my old place, but here, less than 1000 feet away, i've only seen opossum. Mothballs, designed to keep moths from chewing fabric that has been stored away, are also unappealing to possums. Bring in any dog or cat food you might leave out during the day and ensure your pets stay inside after dark—you don't want them to become food themselves.

Some ways that you can prevent opossums from being attracted to your house is to take away their food source. Pepper sprays are taste repellents and should be applied to plants. I don't keep the garage door open or keep water outside where they can get to it, other than the birdbath in the back of the house.

Make it small enough so that possums cannot enter, but not so small that your cat can’t get inside. As long as you are clear on what drew them in, you can take adequate steps to keep them out. How to keep possums out of your attic:

If you have food sources you can't. These tend to startle them just enough so they want to leave the said area. Ways to get them to leave your property.

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Move the cat house to a more trafficked area. Fragrant mothballs or naphthalene crystals are best for encouraging possums to. The smell of cats and dogs could keep opossums away because of their natural instincts to avoid competition and predators.

Lapsang souchong tea has a strong smoky scent and possums don’t like it at all. Possums are good climbers so they can make their way up your roof and into the attic of your home. You can do this by making sure that your garbage cans are secured inside your garage or in air tight containers.

Find a friend or neighbor or possibly ask a local pet store or vet for any fur or hair they might collect after grooming the animals. It’s no secret that possums are not huge fans of humans. To get rid of possums, eliminate food sources by keeping your garbage contained, feeding your pets inside, and picking up any fruit that drops from trees or bushes.

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