How to level friendship fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley

One of the best aspects of life sim adventure game Disney Dreamlight Valley is the ability to befriend all sorts of popular Disney characters. Along with the fun of getting to know your favorite Disney characters better, players will also be amply rewarded for investing time and energy in making friends.

Everyone Disney Dreamlight Valley Character has a set of nine unique rewards that players can earn by getting close to him. Two of these, the fourth and seventh friendship levels, are always Star Coin rewards, but otherwise players will find a range of completely distinctive rewards including furniture, themes, hairstyles, accessories and clothing themed after both the character and the movie are who they are from.

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Strengthening your friendship with the villagers not only gives you these unique rewards, but also makes meetings with the villager you level up with more profitable and can even help you unlock new skills that will make it easier for you to progress through Dreamlight Valley to travel . Those who want to easily get more resources and unlock the entire Dreamlight Valley must focus on improving their friendships with all Disney characters.

The best ways to strengthen friendship Disney Dreamlight Valley

The process of friendship formation in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be done in many different ways. For best results, players should try to do as many of these as possible to get closer to their Disney villagers.

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Bring the villagers their favorite gifts

Every day, each village will have three specific gifts they wish for. These change daily and reward players with a massive friendship boost for granting each villager one of their favorite gifts for the day.

Considering how good a method for building friendships is, the massive boost that comes from gifting characters with their favorite gifts of the day is one of the best ways to quickly level up with any character you want.

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Players can find out what each character wishes for that day by finding the villager on the Characters page under the Collections section, or by speaking to the villager in question and telling them you have something to give them. If you choose the second method but don’t have one of the gifts you want, you can just go back and find it, then return to the villager once you’ve got it.

Characters can be gifted just about anything Disney Dreamlight Valley, but the boost players will see in friendship for their favorite daily gifts is far greater than the small increase seen with any other item outside of their favorite daily gifts. However, if one day you are unable to get a character’s favorite gifts and still want to give said character a gift, flowers are your best bet as they generally provide a better boost than other normal gifts.

Have daily conversations with villagers

A simple and important way to quickly build your friendship with the villagers Disney Dreamlight Valley is to have a daily discussion with them every day. To do this, players simply need to approach the villager they wish to build their friendship with and select the option that includes the three-dot speech bubble.

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Players can only have one daily discussion with each villager per day. Daily Discussions don’t bring much friendship gain, but they’re fairly quick and easy to do, so those who want to build their friendship with all villagers as quickly as possible should definitely use this feature every day.

Meet up with villagers

One of the easiest ways to make friends is to spend time with Disney characters. This method is especially great because players can just go about their business and do whatever they want while a Disney character follows them and they experience friendship gains along the way.

In order to hang out with villagers, players must first level up their friendship with the desired villager to level two. Upon reaching level two, players must then choose what friendship role they want for that character.

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All friendship roles in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once players reach friendship level two with a character, they can assign them a role. There are five roles in total, each focusing on a specific activity Disney Dreamlight Valley.

  • There it is gardening Role that allows the selected character to find more crops in a hangout session with the player when they harvest crops.
  • There it is fishing Role that allows the selected character to find more fish when actively fishing with the player.
  • There it is Mining Scroll that allows the selected character to find more minerals when in a hangout session with players who are actively mining in Dreamlight Valley.
  • There it is foraging Scroll that allows the selected character to find more loot when hanging out with the player while harvesting crops and fruits from the wild.
  • There it is dig Scroll that allows the selected character to find more loot when in a hangout session with players actively digging for items.
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Once you have selected the desired role for the character, it is locked in and cannot be changed. As players roam Dreamlight Valley with their character of choice, they will experience friendship boosts and even more friendship growth while the activity they perform matches the Disney character’s chosen role alongside them.

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While purposefully engaging in the activity of the role you’ve chosen for a character gives a larger friendship boost, you’ll also get a smaller boost from engaging in other activities. As such, it’s best to focus primarily on the main character, but also stop for any other activities you might want to do along the way, as pretty much every activity gives a small friendship boost.

Ultimately, the best strategy with this method is to always have a village by your side, no matter what task you’re doing, to ensure that you’re always building your friendships, whether you’re focusing on it or not.

Cook the villagers their desired order at Chez Remy

Once you have unlocked Remy from Ratatouille and helped him open his own restaurant, all the villagers who live in Dreamlight Valley occasionally stop by and ask for a meal. The villagers who dine at Chez Remy rotate regularly and players can always see who is there by showing the restaurant on their map or by going directly to the restaurant to check.

Players must use their own ingredients to cook at Chez Remy, but they can also buy some select ingredients there. A kitchen is located in the restaurant and Remy always accompanies the players when they cook in his restaurant to help them cook more successfully.

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When cooking a dish for a character, players can watch Remy’s reactions to see if the dish they’re creating turns out good or bad. If Remy looks upset, you did something wrong during the process, while if he looks happy, you’re on the right track and it’s going to be an excellent dish.

Once you’ve finished cooking the dish you want, you can give it to the character you cooked it for by approaching them and selecting the option that tells them you’ve finished their order. The friendship boost for delivering the requested food is quite large, so players who want to level up all friendships quickly should check Chez Remy regularly to see who’s dining there.

Complete friendship quests

Each villager has a set of quests that players can complete as they progress in their friendship. Completing these quests not only increases friendship with the chosen character, but sometimes also provides other helpful perks, like unlocking the ability to get rid of stumps or remove mushrooms.

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Not every quest given to players is one that rewards friendship experiences. Some quests grant players periodic experience or other rewards instead.

Gift the villagers with a Purified Night Shard

Crafting and then gifting a Purified Night Shard will provide a massive Friendship Boost. Five night shards and one dream shard are required to craft this item.

However, due to the current issue of meager Dream Shard drops, players should stick to the other friendship building methods and not use this method until Gameloft has finalized the drop rate as they have confirmed that they plan to do so. Even though the drop rate will be increased, players should be careful with this method as they may need some Dream Shards for future quests to further progress in the game.

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