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Fight to rise in rank Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Beta and unsure why? This guide explains the best ways in detail Gain experience and level up quickly in multiplayerwhether by completing daily challenges or focusing on key game mode goals.

How to level up fast in Modern Warfare 2


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Complete daily challenges

During the Modern Warfare 2 Beta, you will have the opportunity to complete up to four Daily Challenges. those challenges change and reset In the every day at the same time and will offer 4,500 XP per challenge.

  • General Challenges:
    • These are by far the easiest of the four challenge types available, as they require the simplest of tasks, such as: B. Get 3 kills with dying, get 2 hipfire kills, or win 1 match in any mode.
  • Weapon Challenges:
    • As you’d expect, these challenges are all weapon-related and often require you to step out of your comfort zone and try out different weapons that you wouldn’t normally use. Here are some challenges you can expect: Get 5 headshots with assault rifles, Get 5 sniper kills, and Get 3 headshots with Marksman rifles.
  • Special challenges:
    • You guessed it, Special Challenges focus heavily on equipment, field upgrades, and other related features. Here are some challenges you can expect: Use 2 Kill Streaks, get 2 kills with Dead Silence, and get 1 kill with C4.
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Should you complete all three standard challenges before they are resetunlock a fourth bonus challenge that will be rewarded triple the amount of XP as a normal daily challenge, which is the same 15,000 XP. Here’s what you need to know about the Bonus Challenges.


  • Bonus Challenges:
    • Bonus Challenges offer a shared goal. However, all you have to do is complete one of these two goals to get the XP reward. These challenges are much more demanding and time consuming as you will be tasked with objectives such as 5 Kingslayer kills, 3 kills with the Battle Hardened perk, or 12 Longshot abilities. Luckily, the time investment is worth the XP you get.

Complete the game mode objectives

yes we know We sound like a broken record at this point since we say it every year, but completing game mode objectives is arguably one of the best ways to gain experience and level up in the Call of Duty series.

While it’s always nice to rack up those massive kills, sometimes they won’t be enough to earn you the best XP as you’ll earn more and more as you participate in the objectives of the game mode you’re playing.

So if you play Domination but focus on eliminating other players, you can expect your end-game XP to be rather lackluster.

Here are the best ways to earn XP in each game mode during the Modern Warfare 2 beta.


  • Team Deathmatch
    • Eliminate as many enemies as possible. Tip: Using Killstreaks is a great way to drastically increase your kill count.
  • domination
    • Capture zone targets.
    • Focus on eliminating enemies when they are inside or near target zones.
  • Search and destroy
    • Place and defuse bombs in the marked target zones.
    • Focus on eliminating enemies when they are inside or near objectives.
  • prisoner rescue
    • Revive teammates.
    • Attacking Team: Carry and extract prisons.
    • Defending Team: Prevent attackers from carrying prisoners.
  • Hit
    • Picking up and carrying the purse.
    • Revive teammates.
    • Eliminate enemies when carrying or defending the money bag.
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