How to level up your character fast

EA Sports PGA Tour is the definitive golf experience fans have been waiting for since the company’s last golf title in 2015. This latest version of the golf game features a detailed character creator that lets you customize face, body type, hairstyle, and swing animation. Besides vanity, you might also want to improve your golfer.

EA Sports PGA Tour features a leveling system that improves your character’s skills in the game. The game includes skill categories such as Power, Accuracy, Control and Recovery. Gaining experience (XP) allows you to improve these traits and increase your chances of winning games on the EA Sports PGA Tour.

Rapidly climb the EA Sports PGA Tour

There is a plethora of game modes in EA Sports PGA Tour such as Quickplay, Career Mode, Challenges, Tournaments and several other online modes. The best way to gain experience (XP) is to participate in the EA Sports PGA Tour Challenges mode.

In the challenge mode you will find the following sections:

  • championship moments
  • sponsors
  • headlight
  • coaching academy

While you can gain experience by participating in any of the above sections, you will need to participate in the challenges within the Coaching Academy to make things easier. The challenges in the Coaching Academy are more straightforward and mainly cover the basics of golf, making them less time consuming.

The following are the three subsections of the Coaching Academy:

  • PGA coaching
  • TrackMan Skills Trainer
  • PGA Coach: Skill Coach
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It is ideal to complete the tasks in the above categories as they take very little time while earning tons of XP. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert at the EA Sports PGA Tour, completing the tasks in these sections is an easy way to improve your golfer’s game and win important matches.

The third category, PGA Coach: Skill Trainer, might slow you down as it contains tasks that teach you advanced tactics and require more attempts to complete. You can exit this section and navigate to the Sponsors tab where you have more unique tasks to complete. Completing them can even earn you a variety of gear such as gloves, clubheads, and more.

Other tactics to earn XP

If you want to break the monotony of playing the above challenges back-to-back, feel free to dive into Career Mode. You can participate in some quick rounds to measure your golfer’s skill and performance in the game. Once you are sure, enter a full round match type.

Completing Career Mode organically at your own pace will also reward you with a decent amount of XP in the long run. In addition, it is best to tone down the game’s difficulty in order to win games easily and have a better overall experience. Players can refer to this article which highlights all difficulty settings in the game.

Players must also note that the rewards are not automatically acquired upon completing the challenges. To claim them, you must manually navigate to the Rewards section at the top of the main menu.

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