How To Light A Pilot Light On A Furnace

Continue to keep the reset button down for a few seconds. The furnace pilot light is a small burner that’s used to keep the larger furnace burners going.

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Most furnaces have instructions attached to them.

How to light a pilot light on a furnace. Unlike older pilot lights , which have to be lighted by hand, automatic pilot lights, now commonly found in most home furnaces, are regulated by a thermostat and only ignite when needed. The pilot light on your gas furnace utilizes a small flame for the purpose of igniting the gas burner when your furnace switches on. It’s dependent on the thermocouple, which opens the gas valve.

One end of the thermocouple is attached to the pilot valve body while the other end, which contains the. For better or worse, a pilot light extinguishing isn't all that uncommon as even a light breeze or draft of air is enough to kill the tiny flame. A pilot going out is a common problem with older furnaces, but it's even more frustrating when you don't know how to relight it.

It would be best if you use a long lighter to actually light the pilot light. Check all over the outside of your furnace for a label that contains instructions. Otherwise, it could be dangerous to try and relight the pilot light.

The process is quite easy, but the steps involved can vary slightly depending on your furnace model and pilot valve type. Lighting the pilot light on your furnace can seem impossible if you’ve never done it before. When your furnace fails to ignite, the first place to look is the pilot light.

Once the gas has had time to dissipate, turn the knob to pilot.then, hold down the reset button and bring the flame of a long lighter close to the pilot light opening. Find your pilot light and gas valve. Once you’ve turned it off, you have to wait for five minutes so that all the gas can dissipate.

Pressing down on the knob will release gas into the pilot light orifice. If your old gas furnace has a standing pilot, you can follow a standard procedure to relight the pilot light. Once you are sure the pilot light is on, release your pressure on the reset button.

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This tube is the fuel line to the pilot light. When the furnace kicks on, the pilot light is used to ignite the burners, which produce heat for your home. Light a lighter or match, then push in the reset button.

As you’re doing this, put the flame to the pilot light within the opening. Keep the knob in for 20 seconds and then release it and turn it to the on position. The pilot ignites the burner when it is switched on to create heat.

Some could mean a mechanical issue, but it could also be something harmless like a strong draft during a windstorm or temporary interruption in gas service. The thermocouple is a metal case that contains metal wires welded together. Switch the valve to the pilot setting.

Once you’ve made sure there’s no gas coming out, hold a lit barbecue lighter or long match next to the pilot light tube inside your furnace while turning the gas control knob to pilot. Hold your flame to the pilot light's opening. The most common reason for this problem is because the pilot light is not on.

This should light the furnace pilot light. This should light the furnace pilot light.once you are sure the pilot light is on, release your pressure on the reset button. The pilot light is a small flame that is either lit manually and remains burning.

The pilot can go out at any time for various reasons, relighting it is not hard will go through it step by step here, and we will go over all the components involved. Examining the label of instructions on your furnace. One may also ask, should the pilot light always be on in a gas furnace?

Keep holding down the control knob button as you do this. The pilot light is a small gas light meant to burn continuously in order to light a larger burner when needed, but it may go out if a draft extinguishes the light, its valve is dirty, or the. To light a pilot light, first turn the gas control valve to off and wait 5 to 10 minutes until all the gas fumes are gone.

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The gas valve is usually painted red with the on, off, and pilot settings clearly marked. For a pilot light model of furnace, the operation is similar but ignition does not depend on a control board to trigger an igniter. Turn the gas control to pilot and hold it in while you light the flame with a match or a lighter.

A floor furnace is powered by gas and has a pilot light inside the furnace. Any gas furnace uses a pilot light to trigger the burners to heat your home. You need to hold down the button marked “reset” near your pilot dial.

People also ask, how do i light the pilot on my gas furnace? There are many reasons for why the pilot light could go out. Trane pilot light tubes are found toward the rear of the chamber, below the furnace burner coil, with the brass tip pointed upward at a slight angle.

You must remove the grille on the floor and reach. The pilot light is located at the end of the wire and the tube. The pilot light on older gas furnaces must be lit manually and stays on continually, while newer models use an electronic ignition system that is safer and uses less gas, as the pilot light is lit automatically only when the furnace switches on.

Find the switch near the bottom of your furnace, which normally says “pilot,” “on” and “off.”. A pilot light going out can be inconvenient because it will completely cripple your furnace. Once the gas has had time to dissipate, turn the knob to pilot. then, hold down the reset button and bring the flame of a long lighter close to the pilot light opening.

Light a match and hold it near the pilot opening while you press the reset button on the pilot control panel. If your furnace system is 10 years or older there’s a good chance that is only an 80% afue furnace and has a standing pilot light that needs to remain lit at all times. Insert a lit fireplace match or a butane candle lighter into the access hole and light the pilot light.

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Step 5 set the pilot light control dial to pilot, and then depress and hold down the dial. How to relight the standing pilot light. It is highly recommended to turn to your furnace’s owner’s manual and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Keep the reset switch depressed until the pilot light is burning steadily. Knowing the proper way to light the pilot light can make turning your furnace on a breeze, however. Use a lighter to light the pilot light.

In addition to the tube, you should see a thin metal wire. Turn the valve to the off position and wait three minutes. Turn the knob to “pilot,” and let gas to flow to the pilot.

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