How to make a coffee table by shopping your home

It’s all about the accessories. That’s the key to making a house a home, isn’t it? But is there anything more satisfying than taking unused, useless, and unneeded things from your home and turning them into something amazing?

Yes there is! It does that and spends very little money on it. If that’s your bag and you’re looking for a brand new table to support your coffee cup, then read on and try this super easy craft that’s a fraction of the price of the best coffee tables in stores.

you will need

A piece of wood, fiberboard or MDF. You can reuse an old piece of wood or get something from a lumberyard
cardboard tubes (opens in new tab)You can take some from an old poster and crop them or buy them
hand saw (opens in new tab)
construction pencil
mouse grinder (opens in new tab)
spray paint (opens in new tab) or colour (opens in new tab)
ruler/straight piece of wood/level (opens in new tab)
tape measure (opens in new tab)
screwdriver (opens in new tab) or Rechargeable drill (opens in new tab)
4 screws
awl (opens in new tab)or you can use a skewer
Workbench (opens in new tab) (Optional)

time and cost

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