How to Make a Minecraft Server on Raspberry Pi

If you want to create a private Minecraft world to share with your friends online, you need a place to host that experience. You can pay a whopping $7.99 per month for Minecraft Realms (opens in new tab)which is easy to use but doesn’t have all the customization options, or you can rent a Minecraft server from a paid hosting service like Shockbyte (opens in new tab). Or set up your own Minecraft server on a Raspberry Pi and have it hosted for free right from your living room.

Note that you will need either a Raspberry Pi 3 or 4, preferably a 4 with at least 2GB of RAM. And all traffic on the server will come and go through your internet service at home. So if you plan to have a lot of users all the time, it may take some bandwidth. But if you’re just planning to play with some friends, building a Raspberry Pi Minecraft server is easy, cheap, and fun.

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