How To Make A Pillow Cover With Zipper

I will be the first who tell you that your first zippered pillow cover is easy to make! That’s why it took my 38 years to try my first zippered pillow cover lol!

How to Make a Pillow Cover with Invisible Zipper Pillow

Fold zipper over and make a mark at the zipper stop.

How to make a pillow cover with zipper. How to make a pillow cover with zipper adding zippers to any craft project can be daunting, but with the right instructions, it is not that difficult to make a pillow cover with a zipper.[4] however, you must know how to use a zipper foot and machine. This cover will now slip easily on and off your pillow like an envelope. It is a courser weave of fiber than quilt or garment fabric.

Invisible zippers, zippers along the back, zipper flaps, etc. Lay your pillow cover out again, good sides facing in, line up the remaining edges, and pin in place. Make sure to get the corners in the correct placement.

Learn how to measure, cut, align and stitch an entire removable pillow cover easily. (make sure the zipper is unzipped at least half way.) go back to your machine, put your regular foot back on and sew the remaining edges with a 1/2 inch seam allowance, cutting across diagonally at the corners. Lately, i have been shopping for christmas covers but haven’t found one i love.

Before you get back around, reach inside and open up the zipper so that you can flip the pillow right sides out I used what i had on hand, but you can choose a zipper color that matches or contrasts. I cover all the basics of sewing.

That way if my cover gets too dirty from my kids i can pull out the zipper and make a new cover with it. I make the cover a little small. Draw a line that you will use as a sewing line.

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Pillow covers are one of the fastest ways to freshen up a room. Winter, spring, summer or fall, you can make pillow covers for every season. Use that line as a guide to topstitch the zipper in place.

Cut the front side of your pillow cover the size of your pillow insert. I make the zipper a little short. Insert your pillow form into the pillow cover.

No zippers or buttons required, just a bit of squishing to get it to fit. With a seam ripper, remove the basting stitches along the zipper tape, and from the opening. Press the lining away from the zipper.

Zip your pillow closed and fluff your pillow. If your room is a high traffic area and prone to frequent spills, rest easy knowing you can just unzip the cover and throw it in the wash. Knowing how to make removable throw pillow covers lets you customize your home throughout the year.

I used berkshire fabrics from walmart in the upholstery and curtain fabric section. But i can also assure you that you will most likely to screw up making your very first pillow cover!! I prewashed and dried the fabric just to make sure it was preshrunk.

Unzip the zipper about ½ way. I sew the zipper backwards. Especially for the different seasons and holidays.

Zippers can always be cut. So here’s how i sew a pillow with a zipper in the back. Sew a straight stitch along the edges of the zipper and pillow cover.

(which is great for taking on/off for cleaning, etc.) and really, there are several ways to make a zippered pillow cover. To make a pillow cover with an invisible zipper, you will need: You can make removable pillow covers with a zipper in about an hour.

Change your pillow covers often. Should be about a 5/8 seam allowance. Turn the pillow to the right side and make sure the zipper opens and closes properly.

If the pillow is 18 inches square, i cut my fabric 18 inches square. I just use my finger but you could also use a pencil or bamboo skewer. Pin the front and back pillow pieces together, right sides facing, aligning the edges.

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What i love about pillow covers is i can take a pillow form and change out the covers as often as i like. Learn how to make removable pillow covers with a zipper. I used an 18″ zipper for 18″ fabric.

Add a zipper to make those design changes fast and easy. And then, practice that new skill and whip up a quick little zippered pillow cover. With your left hand, roll the zipper teeth flat and stitch as close as you can to the zipper teeth.

Plus, you can learn an easy way to insert a zipper! And, when i’m not using the covers, i can fold them up and store them in my linen closet. Keep the stitches about 0.25 in (0.64 cm) or less from the zipper.

All it takes is a pillow form, some fun fabric and a zipper to freshen up. Pin the other 3 sides of the pillow cover right sides together. Especially ones that are much fancier.

I love being able to whip one up in a half hour :d. Too big is better than too small. Zippered pillow covers are super convenient to switch out, and they're not too tricky to make!

This summer i learned how to make a pillow cover with a zipper and that was not nearly as hard as i thought it was going to be. Turn your pillow cover inside out and poke out all your corners with something small and thin. But after the fifth pillow cover, i felt like a pro!

Measure 2½” inches from folded edge of the zipper flap. Take the pillow fabric to your sewing machine again and sew along the edge of the zipper to attach it to the pillow cover fabric. As you reach the other end of the zipper, make sure you pull the zipper teeth out of the way as you sew to the end of the fabric:

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Choose a zipper the same size as your pillow. In this instructable, i'll show you my favorite way to make a zipper pillow cover. Cut the pieces the same size as i recommended in the supplies section, but instead of inserting a zipper, just hem the two edges that will come together in the middle of the pillow.

Adjust zipper foot and begin sewing right next to the zipper at that mark and continue all the way around the pillow. For this example, i’ll create a removable pillow cover for a 2o inch pillow. Using contrasting zippers can add a fun detail.

The final step for how to make a concealed zipper pillow back is to square up the back to 19″ square. So if your insert is 16 inches square, you’ll cut a piece of fabric that is 16 inches on all 4 sides.

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