How To Make A Tshirt Quilt

My example blanket is 4×7 panels. 16 = 4 x 4 shirts, 24 can be 4 x 6 shirts, 25 = 5 x 5 shirts, and so on.

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I got paid to quilt!

How to make a tshirt quilt. If this is your very first quilt, make it easy for yourself by cutting the shirt into a square or rectangle that will be simple to piece around to build your block. Sew your stabilized shirts together into rows, stitching each piece into place with the right sides together and pressing each row after sewing. 36 shirts will make a queen size quilt, approx.

Now it was time to start cutting up the shirts. Sometimes the hem has to be taken out of the sleeve. Lay the quilt out again, fleece side up, and arrange the second quilt top on it, right side up.

Lay your quilt out on the floor to make sure you are happy with the arrangement, then stitch the blocks together. Pin the quilt top to the rest of the quilt, being sure to match the seams to the front and back. If you have 12 shirts, either 3 x 4 or 4 x 3 shirts.

14 ½ yards pellon featherweight fusible (911ff) I got paid to quilt! My dad and i knocked out this big job together and cutting the entire stack down at once so at the end i had a big stack of stabilized squares ready to piece.

Small pictures or wording on shirts may be sewn together to make a square the size needed to avoid a lot of a square being just colored fabric. 20 shirts will make a twin size quilt, approx. Sew the pieces together, carefully keeping the top and bottom quilt pieces matched.

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For instance, a quilt made with shirts from the chicago bears could include bear claw quilt blocks in the bears’ team colors of orange and brown. How to make a tshirt quilt: Always press your tee shirts from the back side and use a pressing cloth.

Pin the quilt layers and machine stitch the quilt together. Moonlake from america on october 20, 2015: In this class you’ll learn how to:

Put at least 1 sewing pin in each square to secure the layers as you handle the quilt. If you have 9 squares, you’ll want to do 3 x 3 shirts (this will make for a pretty small lap quilt and this might be where you’ll want to add sashing (discussed in part 2)). See more ideas about shirt quilt, quilts, tshirt quilt.

This quilt means more to me than any other item i’ve ever sewn…it’s a treasure to me. Please do not skip this step. Finishing touches for how to make a tshirt quilt.

I began by cutting away what was not needed such as the sleeves and the back of the shirts. Sew the second quilt top to the quilt. After the sleeves were cut off, i then cut the sides of the shirts from the bottom, up to the armholes on each side of the shirt.

When i make a tshirt quilt the shirts are not cut the same size. This will prevent decal from melting to your iron. For the best possible finished outlook it is critical to press your quilt top before you add the batting.

It helps that this will be a. Pictures or wording on pockets or sleeves may also be done the same way.

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