How to Make and Use a Furnace in Minecraft (2022)

Do you want to cook meat, smelt ores or just have a light source to get through dark nights? All this and more is possible with just a single block in Minecraft. You just need to learn how to build a furnace in Minecraft and it can meet most of your basic needs. In this guide, we’ll cover the crafting recipe, usage, and even the best fuels to power the Furnace Block. This is the only oven guide you will need. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

How to Build a Furnace in Minecraft (2022)

We have covered the game mechanics of furnaces in separate sections. Use the table below to learn everything you need to know about this useful block in Minecraft.

What is an oven in Minecraft?

A furnace is one of Minecraft’s most basic supply blocks, used for cooking food and smelting blocks. It is the main tool for harnessing mineral ores as crafting ingredients. And in appearance, an oven in Minecraft resembles a brick oven.

oven on the floor

Once placed, you can pick up the furnace by breaking it and place it elsewhere. In the Java edition, you have to use a pickaxe to break down the oven to pick it up. If you don’t use a pickaxe, the furnace will be destroyed. However, in the Bedrock edition, you can use any tool to break open and pick up the stove.

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Where does Furnace usually spawn?

Speaking of natural spawn points, you can often spot furnaces in the homes of Armorer villagers (one of many villager jobs) around town Plains Desert, and savannah villages. In the Bedrock edition you can also find stoves in some random houses and their chests in snowy villages. In addition to Minecraft villages, you can also find furnaces created in ancient cities and igloos.

Considering the spawn rate and ease, we recommend sticking to villages to find ovens. Our list of the best Minecraft Village Seeds can give you a head start in the game. But if you don’t want to change your current world, using Minecraft commands is a better choice.

Items you need to build a furnace

With the basics done, if you don’t want to waste time exploring the different biomes to find a naturally spawning furnace, it’s time to learn how to craft a furnace. That means you need the following items to craft a furnace in Minecraft:

  • 8 blocks of Cobblestone, Blackstone or Cobbled Deepslate
  • crafting table

If you are in the Java edition, you can get a combination of stone-based blocks to craft a furnace. But in the Bedrock edition you have to use the same 8 blocks when crafting. So, to keep things simple, it’s best to collect cobblestones.

Cobblestone in front of stone

You can Collect cobblestones by breaking stone blocks with a wooden pickaxe or better. When a stone block is mined, it falls away as cobblestones. Stone blocks are one of the most common blocks in Minecraft’s overworld.

Recipe for crafting Minecraft oven

Oven Recipe for Oven in Minecraft

Once you’ve collected all the required blocks, crafting the furnace is an easy task. You just have to Place all the cobblestone blocks in a square pattern in the crafting area, leaving the middle cell empty.

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As mentioned, you can also use a mixture of stone blocks in this crafting recipe, but only in the Java edition. The result stays the same.

How to use a furnace in Minecraft

With this useful block in your possession, here are the different purposes you can use a furnace for in Minecraft:

  • Melt: A furnace can melt blocks to turn them into useful items. For example, in Minecraft you can turn iron ore into iron ingots or wooden planks into charcoal.
  • Cook: You can Cook raw meat by putting it in an oven. Cooked meat satisfies your hunger better than raw meat.
  • Light source: When a furnace is active, it displays a burning fire in its bottom slot. This fire has one Luminous intensity 13, which is brighter than soul fire but less bright than a torch or real fire. This allows you to temporarily use the stove as a light source.
  • Handcraft: You can use a blast furnace to craft a blast furnace, a smoker, and a mine cart with a furnace.

How to cook and melt items in the oven

Cooking chicken with charcoal

The furnace in Minecraft has one simple two-cell user interface. You must place the item you want to cook or melt in the top cell. Meanwhile, the fuel to run the kiln goes to the lower cell. When both cells are filled with compatible items, the fuel will activate the furnace and within a few seconds the furnace will melt or cook your item.

What can be used as fuel in the furnace

You can use the following items as fuel to power the furnace in Minecraft:

  • wooden blocks (any)
  • wooden planks (any)
  • sticks
  • seedlings
  • Coal, coal block and charcoal
  • lava bucket
  • Wooden sword, hoe, pickaxe and axe
  • Blaze Staff
  • Dried seaweed blocks
  • Wood by-products such as crafting tables, stairs, bookshelves, fences, notepads, trapdoors, daylight sensors, and wood panels.

Of these, the lava buckets last the longest and can melt 100 items at once. Meanwhile, the saplings and canes can only smell half a block.

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Create and use a furnace in Minecraft

With that, you are now ready to build your own furnace and melt some blocks to bring your creative Minecraft ideas to life. If you’re wondering where to start, our ore distribution guide will take you straight to all Minecraft ores. You can mine the ore blocks and turn them into useful crafting ingredients using the Blast Furnace. Aside from that, what will you smelt in the blast furnace first? Tell us in the comments below!

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