How To Make And Use A Jerky Rack

Grounded throws many challenges at players, and one of the biggest is making sure there is enough food to avoid starvation. The backyard is full of bugs that can be eaten, but many of them are dangerous to hunt, and meat is durable even after the player kills their prey. Wait too long and this valuable resource will perish.

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The solution to this is this jerky rack, a simple invention that allows the player to dry anyone raw meat they’ve collected, delaying the expiration date and allowing the player to focus on something other than filling their tummy as quickly as possible. However, crafting this essential item is easier said than done as it requires an uncommon resource that can only be obtained through a difficult battle. For those who persevere, the reward is delicious. Here’s everything the player needs to know about crafting and using a jerky rack.


How to make a jerky rack

There are basically two steps to any craft project Grounded. The first is to unlock the recipe for the item to be crafted, and the second is to get the materials needed for the actual crafting. Unfortunately for players who want that jerky rack, Both steps depend on a fight that requires some of the best mutations or excellent gear to survive.

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Dangerous insects roam the entire backyard, from key areas like the sandpit to more ordinary rooms. Bombardier Beetle are some of the most dangerous, and the player must kill them (using a bow is a good choice) and harvest them Bombardier parts to make the Jerky Rack.

As soon as the player aanalyzed the Bombardier partsthe The Jerky Rack recipe is unlocked at the crafting table. The other necessary ingredient, Woven Fiber, is much easier to obtain as it can be crafted from Plant Fiber, one of the game’s most common resources.

How to use a jerky rack

It’s hard to stay well fed while hunting for thistle needles and completing quests. That’s where the jerky rack come in. Once the player has built their Jerky Rack, they can hang raw meat and other foods on the rack to dry. If raw meat is left in inventory for too long it will spoil, so the Jerky Rack is one of the best ways in the game to ensure that the player’s food situation remains stable.

Raw meat that depended on her jerky rack long enough dries automatically, making it last much longer. With a full stomach, the player can focus on more important matters, such as keeping their armor in prime condition. jerky is well preserved, but also dry, according to the player thirst will increase after consumption. Make sure you always have some water or Juice available before you dig in.

Raw meat takes a long time to turn into jerky, so the player may want to set up multiple jerky racks if they have a large amount of raw meat to process at once. Once the meat is on the rack, it’s time to get back to base building or adventure while the Jerky Rack does its job.

Grounded is now available for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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