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How To Make Deer Sausage With Pork

These sausages also travel well, so they're the perfect snack to take along on your hunt this fall. In this article, we'll show you how we make an authentic and tangy venison summer sausage.

Smoked venison andouille sausage, how to make deer sausage

Ground pork shoulder • 3 tbsp salt • 1 tbsp ground black pepper • 1 tbsp dried sage • 2 tsp nutmeg • 2 tsp thyme • ½ cup cold water directions 1.

How to make deer sausage with pork. Rubbed sage is lighter and fluffier and is not as strong as dried (ground) sage. You can get extra fat from you local butcher. Great cooked in crumbles for biscuits and gravy, or in patties for breakfast sandwiches or eggs benedict.

Now you can cook some of the sausage and dig in. Turn wild meat into tasty sausage links with this easy recipe. Have fun experimenting with different herbs and spices to vary the flavour of.

Ground venison • 2 lbs. To make breakfast sausage omit beef and use pork sausage, can also use italian breakfast sausage instead of just plain pork sausage. For the pork we get really fatty looking roast ground at our grocery store.

When finished, the pork and deer meat should be well mixed, with the herbs and spices evenly distributed throughout the sausage. Try making your own seasoning with herbs, spices, salt, garlic, and onion. Vary anything you like, but pay attention to salt.

Chop the onion tops and add to the sausage mixture. Do not use to lean a pork meat; Then use your favorite pork sausage casing and stuff.

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Remove the sausage from the freezer and then cut it in slices and place back in the freezer. Use it as a master to play with. To replicate a traditional sausage, it helps to have an understanding of basic sausage anatomy:

Grind together the venison, pork meat and onion. Most likely this widespread culinary theme comes from frugality. From juicy italian pork sausages, to spicy mexican chorizo, to the firm and dry sausages in asia, almost every culture has their version.

This is a venison sausage recipe, but the addition of pork fat keeps the lean deer meat from drying out during the cooking process. Most sausage makers increase the fat content of their game sausage by adding enough pork shoulder and pork or beef fat to bring the fat content of the sausage mix up to around 20 percent. For a leaner sausage with an 80/20 ratio, use 2 pounds of venison, and 1/2 pound of pork fat.

Seasonings are a great way to vary how your sausages taste. Pork butt, bacon, pork belly, or pork back fat are what keep the lean meat juicy after cooking. So, if you like sage flavor, be sure to use ground sage in this homemade venison and pork sausage recipe.

This is a basic country style venison sausage. Homemade breakfast sausage made with ground pork and seasonings. On the venison, make sure the fat, ligaments and tissues are all trimmed from the meat.

It’s really quite easy once you get the steps down. Using sausage stuffer fill collagen casings full and tie off the end. Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl.

How better to use all the odds and ends of the animal? So if, like us, you’re looking to season regular ground pork into breakfast sausage, here’s the simple seasonings i used for a lb of ground pork: Venison sausages with bay and garlic.

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Alternatively, you can make breakfast sausage patties. Hang your deer meat summer sausage inside the smoker and add your favorite smoking wood chips or chunks and smoke at low temp for a couple hours to let smoke permeate the casings. Brian prefers 50% venison and 50% pork/pork fat.

Now that you know how to make sausage, go forth and make it! It goes without saying that while this is a venison sausage recipe, you can make it all pork, or any mix of meats. We add pork to the venison because the venison has such a low fat content.

Sausage is like the chicken soup of the meat world. Combine all deer sausage ingredients into a mixing bowl and mix well. Similar to the first deer breakfast sausage recipe, shape or cut the mixture into patties to your preferred size.

Venison and other game meats are more strongly and distinctly flavored than their domestic counterparts. 70% meat, 30% fat, and 10% of the total volume in liquid, plus seasonings. I like more mustard seed than this recipe calls for, can also add crushed red pepper, just spice to your own likings.

Eat the fresh sausage within a week, or freeze patties in between sheets of parchment paper. We use pork because it has a much more neutral flavor than beef and won’t overpower the natural venison taste. This is sausage has an 70/30 ratio of venison to pork fat.

I like to premake a large batch and freeze the patties, then just take out a few the night before. Grind meat, or have it ground. Servings depend on how hungry you are !

Meat and fat proportions are important in making sausage. We're going to break down the science behind flavoring and detail the spices we use. My husband is a avid hunter and we make this sausage every year.

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Season with salt, peppers and lemon juice. To that end, grind the front quarters and as much of the rear quarters (less roasts or steaks) for burger or mix with 25% pork butt to make summer, breakfast or italian sausage. The following itemized list will help you prioritize and gather the tools and machines you need to make great venison sausage products (summer sausage, brats, polish or kielbasa, sticks and more) efficiently.

Fat is needed to keep the sausage moist when cooking. Deer season is just around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited for opening day to finally get here. This recipe is a sweet italian bratwurst.

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