How To Make Genshin Impact Daily Commissions In Sumeru More Interesting

With the release of Genshin Impact Version 3.0 brought the first part of the Sumeru region, a sprawling jungle with endless potential, but when it comes to daily commissions, they don’t seem like anything out of the ordinary. While many believe that daily commissions should have some level of mundane grinding, they should still be fun and take full advantage of the massive map. At the same time, they must not be too long as they would feel like a chore than they already are. However, as it currently stands, the daily commissions are from Genshin ImpactThe Sumeru region could definitely use an update to make it more interesting.


Daily commissions in Genshin Impact are the equivalent of daily work. A player can log in, complete 4 quests, get a fairly substantial reward, and then repeat the next day. The current system works, but involves a repetitive cycle of the same few tasks, like killing monsters, cleaning leaves, or escorting balloon ships. A lot of these missions just boil down to going somewhere, fighting something, and walking. This cycle, for the most engaged Genshin Impact Player, repeats itself every day, leaving very little variety other than the ability to change the regions where the quests spawn.

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So that this endless cycle does not become too unbearable, Genshin Impact got the perfect opportunity with the new Dendro region of Sumeru, but the daily commissions have largely stayed the same. One big thing that could help these quests is to give players the ability to change the reward they are granted by completing these tasks. Instead of giving the player the same rewards every day, perhaps players could set themselves the specific materials they farm for. This list could include Ascension materials like talent leveling materials, or even artifacts from specific sets. While this shouldn’t replace the Primogems or Mora already awarded through the quests, it should replace any other goodies that come with daily commissions.

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Test characters could improve Genshin Impact’s daily commissions

A big change Genshin Impact could implement (and one that would work particularly well in Sumeru) would be the ability to use region-specific test characters to complete the quests. For example, if Daily Commissions were set to Sumeru, an assortment of characters such as Collei, the bow-bearer of Dendro, or Dori, user of Electro Claymore, could be used to complete the short daily quests. Possibly even 5-star characters could show up, giving players a much better sample of characters’ playstyles than the current trials system offers.

Although many are happy with the current daily commission system, Genshin Impact Version 3.1 missed an important opportunity to spice up the players’ daily routine. That being said, perhaps these changes could ruin the simple, relaxing nature of these quests and make them too convoluted and complex. With Genshin Impact Version 3.1 is coming soon, as well as an expansion to the Sumeru region, maybe this is the opportunity to update the daily commission system.

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