How to Make Mint Chocolate

There’s a good chance that your favorite dish will be one of the many, many recipes inside Disney Dreamlight Valley. The game has a very diverse selection of recipes for players to collect and learn as they go. The key to accessing all of these delicious treats is unlocking new biomes.

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New biomes are the only way to collect new ingredients and try out different cooking recipes. This guide will be talking about mint chocolate, chocolate lovers will be happy to know that this recipe is part of it Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s cookbook. Read on to learn how to make it and how to collect its ingredients.


How to make mint chocolate

Mint chocolate is a four-star recipe, so even those who aren’t fans of this type of flavored chocolate might be interested in trying this recipe. While a bar of chocolate looks like it’s pretty easy to make, it’s actually not. There are four mandatory ingredients in this recipe: mint, sugar cane, butter, and cocoa beans.

Having mint chocolate in inventory is never a bad idea, it’s a recipe that restores a lot of energy. Players only need to mix these four ingredients while cooking on a stove and can create mint chocolate inside Disney Dreamlight Valley. There are no other items to add as they would be unnecessary and wasted, and none of the four ingredients can be substituted for another in their food category, which is the case with other recipes in the game.

How to get the ingredients for making mint chocolate

Sugarcane is the easiest ingredient to gather in the Mint Chocolate recipe. Sugarcane will be available from Goofy’s Stall once Dazzle Beach is unlocked. Cocoa Beans can be unlocked in the next biome, Glade of Trust, just west of Dazzle Beachand remember that it is not mandatory to advance in history to gain access to new biomes. Players simply need to collect more Dreamlight. Butter is available from Chez Remy’s Pantry, the shop in Remy’s Restaurant – It costs 190 Star Coins, which drastically reduces the profit one could make from selling mint chocolate (it only costs 490 Star Coins). Mint is a spice that is only available in the Frosted Heights biomes, meaning the player must unlock a significant amount of biomes before you can craft this recipe.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is now available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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