How To Make Pancake Spaghetti TikTok Recipe At Home For A Viral Breakfast

TikTok and pancakes are no strangers to each other. If you’re on the app long enough, you might remember when pancake cereal was the viral foodie trend that took over the FYP. Well now TikTokers have said goodbye to cereal and are making spaghetti, and here’s how to make the Pancake Spaghetti TikTok recipe at home if you want to get into the deliciousness.

You might be seriously confused if pancake spaghetti videos haven’t appeared on your For You page yet. In fact, you might be wondering if they’re pancakes made with spaghetti pasta or maybe pancakes with tomato sauce. While both options could potentially taste great with the right ingredients, pancake spaghetti is neither. Instead, it’s an Insta-worthy way to serve your traditional maple syrup pancakes in the form of a bowl of pasta.

Anyone who’s ever eaten Germany’s popular spaghetti ice cream dish – aka spaghetti ice cream – will be happy to know that this TikTok treat is quite similar. Spaghetti ice cream is typically vanilla ice cream that has been put through a spaetzle press to resemble pasta and is served with strawberry sauce and shavings of white chocolate. The sauce should look like tomato sauce and the chocolate is reminiscent of fresh parmesan. The end result is a sundae that could pass for a spaghetti bowl. Pancake spaghetti is just that, but made with pancake ingredients instead.

How to make pancake spaghetti from TikTok?

The pancake spaghetti trend went viral thanks to TikToker @brianaarchuleta, who shared a video with the caption, “My husband invented something yummy this morning!” Of course, the delicious thing was pancake spaghetti. The short video shows how pancake batter cooked in lines on the grill can become like spaghetti noodles when placed in a bowl. Use maple syrup for the sauce and cheese and sprinkle powdered sugar on top. Pancake spaghetti can be that easy.

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A few ways to make your pancake spaghetti journey a little easier are to use a squeeze bottle ($2, Target) for your pancake batter. This makes it much easier to get your dough into individual lines. It looks like @brianaarchuleta is also using a flat griddle instead of a round pan, giving you more surface area to cook longer pancake “noodles”.

Once you’ve cooked your pancake noodles until golden brown, all you have to do is flip them over and heat the other side a little before adding them to your bowl. While maple syrup and powdered sugar are the two toppings they use on their pancake spaghetti, here you can get creative with your dish.

Pancake Spaghetti TikTok Recipe Ideas

You can always take inspiration from the German spaghetti ice cream and use strawberry syrup on your pancake spaghetti to give them a tomato sauce look. The powdered sugar really does look like parmesan, but also like shavings of white chocolate.

If you’re looking for some meatballs, you can always top off your pancake spaghetti with a breakfast sausage, like TikToker @randomschmitt does. It will be like creating your own breakfast bowl. Another sweet and savory pancake spaghetti recipe involves layering hash browns, scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage underneath your pancake noodles, like TikToker @oldscoolkevmo.

Of course, you could keep everything sweet like TikToker @thesprinklefactory does and just top it with heart-shaped strawberries and whipped cream. This version is particularly gram-worthy and deserves a few pictures before you dig in. However, you can really enjoy your pancake spaghetti however you like, sweet or savory, or you may have to do a double-take just to make sure it’s pancakes and not a real bowl of spaghetti in front of you.

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