How to make suji halwa: Here’s a 10 minute recipe with 5 ingredients

Is there a sweeter comfort food in an Indian household than good old suji ka halwa? While our recipe books are full of halvah variations, there’s nothing quite like the simple semolina halvah. It’s easy to make, has its fair share of health benefits, and is always delicious. Especially during the Navratra or festival season, this traditional sweet holds a special place in people’s hearts. Grannies might tell you it’s the easiest, but hey, if it’s your first time cooking, we’re here to help! Let us tell you how to make suji halwa quickly!

Step-by-step recipe to make suji halwa at home

* Suji (semolina)
* ghee
* Sugar
* Water
* Cardamom powder

Process for making suji halwa

1. Take an equal amount of suji, ghee and sugar.
2. Heat ghee in a kadai or saucepan. Keep it on a medium flame.
3. Add suji (health benefits of suji) with cardamom powder and stir well.
4. Toast the semolina in ghee until the raw smell goes away. You can choose to leave it white or if you like your halvah a little brown, toast the suji until it’s the color you want.
5. In a separate pot, boil three times the amount of water with sugar to form a sugar syrup.
6. Add this sugar syrup to the roasted suji.
7. Cook for 5 minutes until you get the desired consistency for suji halwa. If you want the halvah to be a little runny, increase the amount of water to four times instead of three.
8. If you like, you can add the crunch of dried fruits like raisins, almonds, walnuts, and cashews. Voila, your suji halwa is ready!

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Suji is a healthy grain
Suji or semolina has various nutritional and health benefits. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

What Are the Health Benefits of Suji Halwa?

Well, it’s definitely one of the easiest halwa recipes. Besides sugar, every other ingredient is healthy. While a little sugar never hurts, you just have to eat it right. My grandmother used to make the best suji halwa ever, but once I figured out her trick I was a little wary of eating it. She would add double the amount of sugar and ghee to the suji! So I guess if you can control the amount of ingredients you add to your suji halwa recipe it can be great for you.

Suji is good for health

Semolina, or suji as we may already know, has a number of health benefits. It is fibrous, easy on the stomach, easy to digest, has healthy carbohydrates, is high in iron and rich in calcium, plus it contains magnesium, zinc and phosphorus. Suji can also help you lose weight!

Know the health benefits of ghee

And while ghee is a constant in discussions of weight loss diets, our parents and grandparents always advocate its use in food. According to research published in ResearchGate, ghee, or clarified butter, has been used as a therapeutic agent in Ayurveda. It is also a commonly used ingredient in religious rituals. Yes, ghee is fat, but it has been widely recognized as a superior fat to other fats, largely because of its distinctive short-chain fatty acid content, the paper notes. This gives it the power to be easily digestible. Ghee also offers the benefits of vitamins A, D, E, K and essential fatty acids. These give him his power to be a coolant to enhance mental strength, physical appearance, and healing properties.

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Ghee Benefits
Have no doubts! Ghee is good for you. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Dried fruits have many benefits

When you also add dried fruit to your suji halwa recipe, you’re giving it the benefits of nuts!

Now that you know how to make Suji Halwa, are you ready to go ahead and have a try?

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