How To Make Sure All Science Crews Survive In Chapter Two Of Ixion

Shortly after leaving the solar system ixion, the crew of the Tiqqun will ask you a question. They want your assurance that the explorers aboard the science ships will return safely from their missions. If you make the promise and successfully keep it, you will find it easier to keep the crew’s trust in the following challenges.

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This side mission called The Dangers Of Space Exploration requires certain technologies and decisions to be completed. Use this guide to plan your exploration of the Immortan System and get everyone home alive.


In this guide, north, south, east, and west are used when referring to the system map. While this isn’t exactly geared to space travel, it should help you get your bearings quickly.

faro 39

far 39

The first major challenge the Immortan system has in store for your science ships is Planet Fargo 39. The crew has the ability to salvage a freighter and its contents, but hazardous conditions make this a risky endeavor.

Before you send a ship to Fargo 39 – southwest of your starting position – Research the exoskeleton upgrade for your science ships. This is a key technology that will prevent dozens of potential deaths over the course of the campaign, starting here.

Once the technology is researched, send a science ship to Fargo 39 and select the additional option (highlighted in blue). Deploy crew in exoskeletons. This protects them from the dangers of the planet and gives you the time you need to recover the cargo ship.

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Rokatansky D79

Side quest Time and Space

Rokatansky D79 is located in the northwest area of ​​the map and is the strangest – and most dangerous – planet in the system. As you approach, your science ship will notice a strange signal coming from the planet. Use the longest and most expensive option to determine the source of the signal.

Attempting to blast your way to the signal with explosives – a quick method with no resource cost – results in an accident that destroys the science ship and its crew.

When the crew discovers the source of the signal, Don’t send them for investigation. Instead, let them board their ship to return home. If you send the crew deeper into the tunnels, they will disappear without a trace. mission failure but unlock some potential secrets much later in the game.

When the crew boards their ship, they receive a notification that their biometrics no longer match the Tiqqun’s crew list – according to the computer, there are different people on board than those who left. Decide Update crew logs and leave them back on the Tiqqun – they pose no security risk, and your only other choice is to leave them in space to die.

Chevrolet 34

Chevrolet 34

This planet is difficult to get to safely as it is on the other side of the Starstorm to the east of your starting position. The surest way to achieve it with a science team is Position the Tiqqun in orbit over Rokatansky D79 and send ships from there; Alternatively, steer the Tiqqun through the storm and orbit Chevy 34 directly.

Ships arriving from Rokatansky D79 will still clip the outer edge of the storm. It’s very unlikely, but there’s still a chance of losing a ship going this route.

Chevy 34 has some science to extract if you’re willing to commit resources, and if you go you’ll have the chance to study some potential alien megafauna. This is a red herring designed only to waste time.

Given the difficulty of sending ships to Chevy 34 and the mediocre payout, this planet is best to ignore it.


ixion protagoras reveal

When you find the Protagoras, the main objective of the chapter becomes available. After completing your first delivery of goods to the station, you will have the opportunity to meet your science ship crew with the station leaders.

If you decide to meet the elders, two of your crew will decide to leave the Tiqqun and live their lives on the Protagoras. To complete the side mission, the game counts it as dead. That means you have to do it to get through the chapter without casualties from science ships ignore the invitation of the elders.

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