How to Make the Most of Paradise

The new season of Fourteen days has been out for a few weeks now and most players are enjoying the additional content. Paradise Chapter 3 Season 4 is all about new items, new ways to get loot, additional skins, map additions and changes, and a chrome-filled world that has both an aesthetic and functional purpose.

Some updates are the usual things, like games Fourteen days change from season to season – things that have happened before or don’t need a long explanation. However, Chrome is a whole new ball game for experienced players Fourteen days Player. As with every update, there are new challenges to overcome, but most of the added features offer a competitive advantage if players know how to use them properly.

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General updates for Fortnite Paradise

This season of Fortnite brings a lot of new things. Small white keys drop from players or chests and open caves filled with quite a bit of loot. Some take one key to unlock and others take two, but keys aren’t hard to find and are worth the effort. Each time a key is looted, a lock will appear on the map in the location of the caves. The new Battle Pass offers an opportunity to earn exciting new items, skins, characters and even earn back V-Bucks. According to legend, many locations are trying to escape the chrome invasion, and Condo Canyon is no exception. Players can now see it floating in the sky under a new name: Cloudy Condos. Sniper rifles also received a damage increase this season, allowing players to once again kill their opponents with one shot.

A brand new location on the map is called Herald’s Sanctum. This visually appealing, chrome-colored, geometric city contains a variety of ammo boxes and a large selection of weapons. If it’s far enough from the Battle Bus trajectory, it’s worth exploring early in the game, but stay away if it’s too close, as players are likely to run into enemies too soon. While the same could be said for most locations near the trajectory, more enemies will be drawn to the Herald’s Sanctum because of the new boss at the top of the tower: The Herald. Killing the Herald is part of a quest, so it’s worth it, but bring some friends to help. The Herald doesn’t go down easily, and she spawns two Chrome Wolves mid-fight.

Use Chrome to get the advantage in Fortnite Paradise

The most obvious change to the look and feel of Fourteen days This season is the introduction of chrome. Many buildings were given a lustrous, silvery chrome finish. This offers an aesthetic update to things, but that’s not the only change. Any chromed walls or doors are walkable; Players can move through chrome. It’s useful in certain situations – like running away from or chasing an opponent – where opening the door would take longer than the player would like. However, it can also be dangerous when players step through walls where an unknown opponent is waiting. Chrome is reflective, so players may be startled if they think they’ve seen an enemy when they’re just a reflection of themselves.

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These aren’t the only instances where Chrome has changed gameplay. Chrome has also taken over the gamers. Using the new grenade-like item called “Chrome Splatter” on yourself and/or other players will turn them into Chrome. This item not only makes the player look different, but also serves an important purpose. While players are chrome, they are immune to damage from enemies. When sprinting, a Chrome player turns into a cute blob that offers increased speed, does not deal damage from traps, and offers the ability to quickly slide through walls. It’s worth keeping some valuable inventory space free for Chrome Splash.

In addition to these changes, there are two new chrome weapons this season: the Evochrome Shotgun and the Evochrome Burst Rifle. The rarity of these weapons actually increases the more often they are used. So if players encounter a green one, with enough use, they could eventually build it up into a legendary one. When these Evochrome weapons are picked up by defeated opponents, the player retains all of the opponent’s weapon progression.

The players are generally satisfied with the new season of Fourteen days and everything it has to offer – notably the key system for loot and the return of headshots that deal 250 damage. Whether Chrom will be back is hard to say Fourteen days further, but for now it’s a welcome addition.

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