How to make your page on Instagram thrive in 2022: 6 tips to follow and succeed

What free methods can you start with?

When it comes to free advertising, there are still tools you can use: yes, #likeforlike and #followforfollow are a thing of the past, but Hashtags are still able to increase the visibility of your content: but these should be done differently. First of all, don’t try to collect 30 tags under each post, that’s no longer necessary. Now people use hashtags to search for things they are genuinely interested in. Therefore, you should think just like the people who want to find your products or services on Insta. Write these words down, then filter them by putting them in the correct order: from the broadest term to the narrowest.

Next is geolocation: you thought it wasn’t that important to use? Well, jokes about you, but The geotag can also do a lot for the visibility of your content on the internet. If you are interested in attracting more people to your posts, use a “creative” geotag: look at the most popular places in your city and choose those that are close to you. You can use them to draw people’s attention to your content when they are looking for interesting events, cafes and shops, or generally a place to go with their friends this weekend.

If you need to increase the activity of your posts, but you don’t have bonds for it yet, you can use What’s App or Telegram Activity Chats and ask for help from content creators who are in the same situation as you. Usually in such chats, people exchange links to the posts that need support and leave each other likes, comments, saves, etc. It’s quite convenient and very helpful for beginners, besides, you can find fellow bloggers for here free mutual PR – If you both have 100-200 subscribers now, you can beat that number to 300 together, which is good for everyone. Write them such an offer and you will be surprised how many people will agree to it.

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2 Best Paying Methods to Get the Maximum Benefit

The first is a chance to Buy Real Instagram Followers – it should never be ignored, neither by the beginners nor by the advanced bloggers. If you feel like you’re lacking in subscriptions (and most people still judge a profile’s success by the number of subscriptions and likes, let’s be honest), you can easily give yourself a nice booster by purchasing a pack of real ones buy subscriptions . Yes, it is important – the subscribers must be real, because only in this way you can not only increase the number of followers, but also improve the statistics of your page. True subscribers “show” the IG algorithms that your page has a lot of interactions with the people who are interested in your content, so it will show your content to other potentially interested people more often than recommended. This way you can bring about a natural promotion through the payment service – easily and quickly.

The second is paid PR from bloggers or influencer marketing: It’s an ad that a big blogger shows to his audience. You can order a post or story about you, and the blogger’s audience will see you as a recommended content creator — which means they’ll have a positive bias about you if they click on your profile. what you post, trusts. Influence marketing works great when you need to reach a more specific audience that will definitely be interested in what you are proposing and, more importantly, will be willing to buy from you.

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If you want to get quick and tangible results here, use all the advertising opportunities we talked about in this article and don’t forget that none of them will work if you don’t put enough time and effort into generating quality content and sticking with it you in touch with your audience. Work hard and don’t hesitate to invest in paid services! Much luck!

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