How to Make Yourself Squirt

Ah, syringes. Of all things sexual, this little number is among the most debated. Also known as “female ejaculation,” squirting is mysterious and confusing, constantly raising questions like: how do you do it? If you’ve never done it, are you missing out on the orgasmic experience of a lifetime? And is it even a real thing or is it actually just pee? And if not pee, what exactly is squirt anyway? Of course there is a lot to unpack here. But don’t worry, we have answers.

ICYMI, Squirting is when a person with a vagina squirts fluid during sex. As for that liquid is, sexologist and sex educator Goody Howard, says spatter is a mixture of fluid from the bladder and fluid from Skene’s glands, which is similar to prostate fluid. (So ​​in other words, yes, there’s probably some pee in there.)

Okay great, now that we’ve solved that little riddle, let’s move on to some more practical questions, like, um, how do you actually do it?

If you’ve never squirted before, you might think you’re just not a squirter. But according to sex educator Lola Jean — who incidentally holds the world record for squirting volume, BTW — the idea that squirting is that magical, involuntary pleasure response that only a few lucky, naturally born squirters experience during their sexual bliss is actually a huge misconception. “I squirt regularly, voluntarily, without orgasm or internal stimulation of any kind,” she says.

While we may not all be at Jean level, you probably are can learn how to make yourself squirt when you want to. Howard says if you have a vulva, you probably have the ability to inject. “Injections are like abs,” she says. “We all have the physical ability to have six pack abs, but that shit takes focus and effort.”

If that sounds like more work than it’s worth, rest assured that while squirting may be totally cool and awesome, it’s in no way required for a fulfilling sex life. If it’s not your thing, there’s literally no need for splashy FOMO. If you’re up for the challenge, we’ve got some expert advice on how to squirt — either alone or with a partner. Here’s exactly how to nail the wet and wild art of squirting. (Caution, you are now entering the splash zone.)

Make sure you are well hydrated

Before you even think about splashing, understand that water is your best friend here. To stay hydrated, Howard suggests drinking at least half your body weight in ounces of water daily.

“For example, if a person weighs 200 pounds, they should be drinking 100 ounces of water a day. Every time they drink something that isn’t water, they have to make up for it with the same amount of water,” she explains. “Hydration is an important part of sexual function and pleasure.”

While hydration is obviously a crucial part of the recipe for good sex (and staying alive in general) no matter what you’re doing in the bedroom, Jean says it’s especially important when it comes to squirting: ” If you’re dehydrated it may take longer for enough engorgement to build up to push it out, although it’s still possible!”

Give yourself enough time to explore each erogenous zone

Pleasure educator and consultant Cecilia Villero, MSW, encourages spending plenty of time warming up your body with different types of touch and sensation. “Depending on the person, they may require hours of preparation and stimulation, starting with sexy messages earlier in the day and ending with a relaxing massage in the evening.” (Yes, hello, sign me up for a full day of sexy massages, please.)

And while it’s obviously important to prep your body, you also need to spend some time warming up the old brain. “If you’re distracted, unwell, or exhausted, injections for the evening might be off the table,” says Villero. As is often the case when it comes to good sex, getting in the right headspace is important all.

Get to know your pelvic floor muscles

According to Howard, injecting requires a combination of relaxation and muscle control. So yes, it’s sort of a careful balance, and learning how to hit might take a bit of exploration.

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Jean recommends experimenting with your pelvic floor muscles — aka the muscles that span the lower part of the pelvis and support the pelvic organs (oh hello, bladder, bowel, and uterus). Yes, we are talking about Kegels.

To get a better feel for these muscles, try sticking a finger inside your vagina and then tensing these muscles like you’re holding in your pee. These are your pelvic floor muscles, and learning to control them is a big part of making yourself squirt.

Allow yourself to be stimulated

Friendly reminder that while learning to spray can take a little time and effort, it shouldn’t feeling like work. It’s all about pleasure here, remember?

While a squirting orgasm isn’t necessarily superior to any other type of orgasm (remember, all orgasms are good orgasms!), squirting is often associated with intense physical pleasure. So the more aroused you are, the more likely you are to cum.

Try experimenting with different forms of stimulation to find what turns you on the most. Villero suggests starting with firm and consistent manual or oral stimulation of the clitoris and then working with a little internal stimulation.

For some, double stimulation might be their ticket to the squirt city. “Experiencing insertion sex and clitoral stimulation at the same time is the easiest way to connect with that feeling,” says Howard.

And whether you’re playing with yourself or a partner, that magical blend of inner and outer pleasure is often easiest to achieve with toys. This could look like using an oral sex simulation toy on your clitoris while your partner takes care of things, for example, or letting an all-in-one dual stimulation toy take over. “Something like the butterfly kiss is great for simultaneous stimulation,” says Howard.

Don’t be alarmed if you think you need to pee

The feeling of having to pee during sex might not be the most comfortable of feelings, but when squirting is the goal, it’s actually a good sign! Squirting feels like you’re about to pee because most of the fluid comes from the urethra. “Our understanding is that it’s a mixture of mostly water, a fluid similar to the fluid secreted by the prostate, minerals, and urea, which makes sense since it comes from the bladder,” says Villero.

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That said, while squirting likely contains some urine, it’s not the same as peeing because it just isn’t. As Gigi Engle, certified sex educator for 3Fun, previously shared cosmo, “Squirt is ‘squirt’ because it is squirt; it happens during sexual activity. You don’t sit down to pee, you squirt liquid during sexual stimulation.” The point is, “Squirt is squirt and pee is pee. Both are natural things that happen to the human body,” as Engle put it. “We should all stop worrying about it and try to enjoy ourselves instead.”

So yeah, don’t let the whole pee thing freak you out. If you feel like peeing, that’s a good sign you’re on your way to Squirtsville, baby.

make it easy for yourself

Remember, this is about pleasure – squirting shouldn’t really feel like work. If it doesn’t come naturally to you, don’t stress! Squirting (and all the sexy stimulation that goes with it) is meant to be fun.

All bodies are different, which means that squirting experiences will be too. For some, spraying fire hydrants on demand might seem like the most natural thing in the world. For others, squirting may feel almost impossible. If this is you, don’t get too attached to it. It can be really hard to fully relax and let go! And again, while squirting is a totally cool and fun thing some bodies can do during sex, it’s just that one of many cool and fun things bodies can do during sex and it’s in no way required for an awesome sexual experience.

While making yourself squirt is certainly a rewarding endeavor (and one that can definitely be a lot of fun), it’s important to remember that sex — whether it’s with yourself or with a partner — isn’t really ” goals” should have. As Villero puts it, “It’s not about the finality of orgasm, it’s about the pleasure you can experience.”

If that pleasure translates into a big ol’ bubbly squirt, then you’re in luck, you sexy little squirt gun. Unless? Less post-sex cleanup for you! Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

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