How To Measure For Shutters Interior

Some customers are daunted by the prospect of measuring windows for shutters, but in truth it’s very simple. If you have a protruding window sill and are mounting into the wall above, start at the sill and measure the height of your choice beyond the top of the window opening to accommodate for the frame.

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Measure the height of the window, from the top to the bottom sill on the interior edges of the window frame, at the left, right and center of the window.

How to measure for shutters interior. Café style café style shutters cover just the lower portion of your window. This measurement is then divided by 2 to give you your operable shutter width. To determine shutter width, measure the closed shutter pocket width and divide by two.

Don't worry if your window measurements are uneven. Learning how to measure for plantation shutters is easy, but it is important to remember a few key things: Mark these additions on each side and measure the width between them in a straight line.

This number will determine the width of each shutter for that window. Measure from the inside top of the window opening to the inside bottom. Measuring just outside the glass is probably easiest, as in our example shown.

For bahama styles, shutter width is equal to the actual shutter pocket less ½ inch. Be careful about transposing measurements. Measure for the shutter width at the top, middle, and bottom of the window from the left side to the right side as shown in the diagram.

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Determine if you will mount your shutters on plaster, outside your window, or trim around the window. Accurate measurements are essential for a proper installation. For inside mounted shutters you would measure between the side window jambs/casings for the width and from the inside edge of the top jamb/casing to the sill/floor for the height.

All hand crafted from the finest materials making a stronger and more stable product. For pintel and strap type hardware deduct ½ for side clearance and a small space between the shutters when the shutters are closed. Here at shutters direct, we have a comprehensive range of styles and finishes to choose from.

Whether you want café style, full height or tier on tier shutters it really is simple to do it yourself. How to measure outside mount shutters if you are ordering. Typically both interior and exterior shutters are mounted within the window opening.

Tier on tier offers the versatility of separate shutters on top of each other. Plantation shutters are a luxurious alternative to traditional blinds. Take your tape measure and get the longest distances for the height and width of the window.

Using a wood or steel measure, measure the exact distance between the hinging points at two points (as shown). Measuring windows for operable shutters requires that you measure both width and height at 3 different points because many windows are not perfectly square. Measure the inside width of the window at both points (w/a and w/b), and the height at both points (h/c and h/d).

This is referred to as an inside mount. Full height shutters cover the entire height of the window, producing a simple and elegant effect. Never use a cloth tape.

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Shutters can also be installed on french doors, bay and bow windows, and on patio doors. This is fairly typical with windows. Measure your windows as if the shutters were actually closed over them.

How to measure california shutters. When shutters are closing into a pocket measure across the opening at the top, middle and bottom of the opening and use the smallest of these measurements. The first step to making your new interior shutters a reality is measuring.

Shutters are custom made to your specifications and are not returnable due to mistakes in measurements. How to measure interior shutters. Measure the window depth (d/a), the distance from the window frame to lowest edge of the window casing or molding.

Determine the height of the shutters you will order. Always measure with a steel tape measure. It is for this reason that it also causes the most anxiety.

Accurate measuring is the most important step when buying plantation shutters. How to measure measuring for aesthetic mounted shutters. We have both videos to show you how and measuring guides you can print and read, with easy to understand information.

Measure the inside casing depth measure the depth from the outside edge of the window jambs, not including any moldings, to the window frame itself. Divide this measurement by two for the individual shutter width. For shallow window openings, measure from the outside left of the window casing, or trim, to the outside right.

That is the height you provide us. Backstage are the depths of any part of your window that protrudes, such as a crank, where the back of the shutter will be. Most windows are relatively straightforward to measure for plantation shutters so if you can read a tape measure and you can follow the instructions on this site, you shouldn't have any problems.

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If the widths at each of these points are not the same, use the smallest measurement of the three. Shutter styles there are three styles of shutter you can choose from. Whether you're using traditional, plantation or california style shutters, you're sure to end up with sophisticated window coverings that enhance the look of your room, increase energy efficiency and add value to your home.

Standard windows are the simplest to measure in order to get the dimensions for interior shutters. Measure all widths and heights to the 1/8th of an inch. Write these dimensions on the window drawing.

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