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How To Measure Glasses Bridge

Glasses’ temples are also referred to as their “arms.” The eye, bridge, temple, and b measurements.

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The bridge width is the gap above your nose between the lenses.

How to measure glasses bridge. The bridge should sit comfortably flush against your nose. The distance between two lenses equals a frame's bridge width. The sizes for the lens width and bridge width can usually be found on your current glasses by looking on the inside of the frame (usually printed on the arms or the bridge) the arm length the arm length is measured from the dowel point to the extreme end of the side, this is made up of the length to the bend and the length of the drop to give the overall length of side.

Measuring the size of your glasses is not complete without bridge measurements. Otherwise, you might find two numbers on the bridge of your frames. If you are looking for glasses with a small bridge, check for ones in the range of 14mm and 16mm.

But the lenses extend invisibly into the frames a little ways. Bridge size is the distance between the two lenses in millimeters and typically ranges from 14 mm to 24mm. You may neglect the height and width of the lenses but it is recommended to find a frame with accurate total width as required.

The eye size refers to the horizontal width in millimeters of one of the frames lenses. Bridge width lens height (b measure) the temple length is the length of the temple from from the hinge (where it attaches to the frame front) to the tip. The size of your lenses can be a matter of personal choice, but it’s also determined by your frame style and prescription.

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The distance between two lenses equals a frame’s bridge width. The bridge connects the lenses and rests on the bridge of your nose, hence its name. How to measure the nose bridge for glasses.

It’s worth your time to start thinking about this question. Another way to measure frames is with the “box system,” which uses lens width, bridge width, and temple length. 145 (mm) will represent the overall length of the arm.

If you have a low bridge, frames with a curvier brow or a lower bridge would be a better choice. Measure across the frames’ bridge where they rest on your nose’s bridge. That’s how they are held in place.

In nearly all cases, this will be the distance between the outside corners of the 2 hinges on the top right and left corners of the frames. If you have a pair of glasses that fit you well, you’re already halfway done! Follow the handy guide below to measure your glasses and make shopping easy!

With sunglasses, you have more freedom to choose within a wider range of sizes, since the fit does not need to be as precise. A tight bridge will pinch your nose, and sit high on your face. To measure your face for glasses, start by looking at the bridge of your nose straight on in a mirror.

If your bridge is medium: If you take a look on the inside of your arm pieces , you’ll see a few numbers separated by squares or dashes. To find bridge width, measure the distance between the inner edges of each lens.

Sunglasses tend to be larger than eyeglasses, so your sunglasses size will most likely be different than your eyeglasses size. So, after all, you can order your glasses online with your own bridge measurement if you’ve concluded that… if your bridge is small: If you have a high bridge, frames with a bridge closer to the browline are great!

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To determine the bridge size, measure across the bridge from lens to lens at the point where the lenses sit closest to each other (where the glasses will sit on your nose). The other measurements (nose bridge & temple size) should also be close to your requirements. Temple (arm) length is the length of the temple from one end to the other and also includes the bend.

Bridge size is the distance between the two lenses in millimeters and typically ranges from 14 mm to 24mm. How to measure the temple length. 19 bridge measures 31mm from end to end, on the front side 21 bridge measures 33mm from end to end, on the front side dbl (distance between lenses) is the horizontal linear measurement between the innermost edge of the right lens and the innermost edge of the left lens while glazed in a frame.

Measure the width of the frame from top right to top left. Bridge size is important because it keeps your glasses firmly on your nose. Most important measurement is the total width.

The lens diameter is the width of the lens (in mm), measured from the bridge. Measure horizontally, at the top of the bridge, from the edge of one lens to the other. Glasses sizes are technically for the lenses, not the frames.

18 (mm) will represent the width of the bridge. Whether you are looking to purchase your first pair of glasses or have purchased glasses from some time, you may be concerned about getting the right fit for your new pair. Glasses frames have four basic measurements:

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When measuring the bridge, you start and end at the innermost side of the lenses. If your bridge is large: Too loose and the glasses won’t be stable on your face.

Once you find your frame measurements, you can browse our selection, find the style you want, and order the perfect pair of glasses. When measuring the bridge, you start and end at the innermost side of the lenses. A wide bridge, on the other hand, will slide down the face.

Your temple length can fall between 120 mm and 150 mm. Our video guide below will help you find these numbers. The measurement is taken from the inside of one side of the frame to the inside of the other side of the frame.

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