How To Measure Torque Converter Bolt Pattern

On your flexplate, measure from the center of one bolt hole to the center of the center hole and multiply by 2. The first is bolt diameter.

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In your situation it will probably end up as 10 7/16 or so which is the 10.5 pattern

How to measure torque converter bolt pattern. 6 bolt with a 10 center hole. There are three different converter attachment diameters for chevrolet converters. It was bolted to a 454.

Discussion starter • #1 • mar 15, 2001. Tighten converter nuts and measure again. Jim jim 70 chevelle, ss clone 454 4 speed 3.31 12 bolt posi

Skipping a bolt hole in between. Discussion starter • #1 • apr 25, 2010 (edited). Measure the distance between them, the 10 1/2 pattern should be 7 1/2 inches center to center and the 11 7/16 pattern should be 8in center to center.

So, if the distance is 5.75 inches x 2 = 11.5 inches. Torque converters for th350 and th400 transmissions are produced with both 10.75 and 11.50 diameter converter bolt patterns. To identify the correct converter bolt pattern, measure from the converter center to an attaching bolt hole and then multiply this dimension by 2.

What size and bolt pattern torque converter. All in inches or all in millimetres. Verify that the torque converter mounting pads sit flush against the flexplate.

Verify that the torque converter bolt pattern matches the flexplate bolt pattern. To determine your torque converter bolt pattern, measure from the crank centerline to the centerline of one converter bolt hole and multiply by 2. But if i measure from the closest edge i get 5 1/4, so it would be 10.5.

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The torque converter bolt pattern is 10, it's 13 in diameter. Joined jun 11, 2008 · 1,342 posts. I actually had to reuse the same flexplate in my el camino.

Anyone know the proper way to measure it? Measuring torque converter bolt pattern. But the new converter had holes for both the larger bolt pattern and the smaller bolt pattern.

Joined jan 1, 1970 · 0 posts. Alloy wheels should always be installed using a torque wrench ensuring proper mount. 29530318, 29538348, 29538529, 29541293, 29543003 numbers are on bar code labels next to mounting pads year engine dia hub spl pilot mount pilot center to bolt center stall 13 3/8 2.295 25.

Bolt pattern c4 if you can remove the inspection cover on the bottom of the trans, rotate the flexplate so two of the converter bolts are accessable. Measure bolt hole center to bolt hole center. How to measure torque converter bolt holes.

Discussion starter • #1 • aug 2, 2010. Bolt pattern torque sequence specifications: How do you measure torque converter sizes?

When installing 7/16” bolts to attach the torque converter to the flexplate we recommend that you first Ford used 3 different torque converter bolt circles with ring gear welded on flexplate for cars/light trucks. 3 bolt hole with a 10 center hole.

The flexplate i have for the 305 engine (one piece rear main seal) has a 10 bolt pattern and a 9 3/8 bolt pattern measured center to center of the bolt holes. I removed my old converter today and it seems huge (diameter wise) compared to my new one. The units of measure used when defining a bolt circle hole list must all be of the same type, for example:

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Bolt torque can be checked with a tool such as a torque wrench, but without a value as a guideline, a torque wrench offers no advantage. Check to make sure that the bolt holes or studs on the converter line up with the bolt pattern of the flywheel. I got almost 5 1/2 from the middle which would be 11 inch but they only sell 10.5, 11.5 and 10 3/8 bolt pattern converters.

That's your bolt circle diameter. 3 bolt hole with a 9 3/8 center hole. Check your vehicle owner manual for proper specifications.

How to properly torque lug nuts / lug bolts Measure the distance from the outside of one stud to the inside of the opposite stud on the conerter. After checking the converter for fit to the flywheel and crankshaft, check the flywheel itself for cracks or excessive wear on the.

You can measure the bcd the same way on your converter (center of one hole to the center of the converter nose x2). That will give you the bolt mounting diameter. The diameter of the holes that are equally distributed around the bolt circle diameter

1, 6, 8, 4, 10, 2, 5, 7, 3, 9. The trans i have for a 74 chev stepside c10, is a th400. The trans has a 30 spline shaft.

The key to choosing the correct bolt pattern and tooth count is measuring the torque converter you are using. G.m.turbo 350 and turbo 400: Two principles influence the correct clamping pressure for each bolt, known as clamp load.

Ford mustang ii 9.375in ford small 10.500 in ford large 11.438 in the yblock cruiseomatic is 11.438 bolt circle same bolt circle as fmx used in full size cars and pan filled c4. Converter type hub to stator distance hub to turbine spline; Looking at buying a new torque converter but don't know how to measure the bolt pattern on mine to know what i need.

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To arrive at the correct torque value, several other values must be found first. Verify that the flexplate bolts do not interfere with the torque converter. Bolt pattern torque sequence / specifications:

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