How To Measure Trailer Axle Alignment

The only adjustment is the “thrust angle,” which is the direction the axles are headed compared to the frame of the unit. Here’s a the quick guide to understanding trailer axles and how they measure up when building a trailer.

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Trailer axle spring center is the distance between the center of one spring to the center of.

How to measure trailer axle alignment. How to measure a trailer axle. In the old days a guy would take a tape measure, go underneath the. They should be identical or within 1/8 of an inch, give or take 1/16 of an inch.

Therefore, there is no drop. − where applicable, location of problem on suspension / trailer (e.g., road side, front axle, rear axle, curb side rear, etc.). Many trailer axles are cambered or 'road set' so there is a bow until weight is put on the axle.

All cambered axles should be mounted with the center bow up. Then clamp the 2 screw up jacks on the v of the angle iron , each one about 1 foot back from each wheel then rest the axle on the tops of the 2 jacks and pull the rim that is not clamped yet inward until the axle is snug up against both stub axles. It’s time to align the tires

Was caused by the axle “crabbing”, ie. When replacing a trailer axle try to determine how it was previously mounted. Not a whole lot to align on a boat trailer.

Measure from the center of the extensions tubes. Get out a tape measure and make sure the axle is in the right spot. The measurement from the face of one hub to the face of the other.

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Using a tape measure, there are four additional measurements required. I realigned the axle by measuring the lh and rh distances from hub to coupling, and moving the axle subframe. Trailer axles have no easy toe or camber adjustment.

They’re not complicated, but fitting the trailer is a little more than picking a coffee mug to fit your personality. In our example above, the trailer axle position is ~55% of bed length. Determine which axle is bent using your straightedge and tape measure.

Most all other tire wear would be from bad bearings. The measurements need to be identical and, if they aren't, the measurements will reveal which direction to bend the axle to bring the wheels into alignment. If you need trailer spindle parts, search our parts department for trailer axle spindles.

Correct track bolts on to your existing spring axle hangers. Or, if we take the toolbox off and went to 15% tongue weight, the desired trailer axle position is 65% of the bed. Alignment of the rear axle (axles) is then made by checking the distance between the centre of the front axle and rear axle (axles) at both sides of the trailer.

In straight axles, you measure from the spindle centerline and axle main beam center line. Trailer axles — the specifications. Under slung mounts have the spring mounted below the axle and over slung mounts have the spring mounted on top.

Cut your pipe to that length. If we put it at 60%, the tongue weight becomes 501 lbs, ~16.7%. Measure how long you want your axle to be.

The rh axle was trailing the lh axle by 25mm. Compare the distances between the right wheels and the left wheels. Moreover, measure the distance of the rear and anterior wheel, and note it down.

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(generally adding 2” to the spring center measurement can determine the frame width.) If you need to replace or repair a trailer axle, our parts department features trailer axle assemblies & trailer axle repair parts. Unless you have some different style trailer don’t know how camber/caster would really be adjusted.

Attach axle extension tubes to the spindles at the center of the rear wheels. A 50’ steel tape measure, preferably with 1/16th graduations is used to measure from the trailer kingpin extension tool. The 60/40 axle placement formula is a great starting point and does take into account the tongue of the trailer from where the trailer sits on the hitch ball.

Measure the distance between the insides of the wheel rims as you did in the first two steps, but this time at a position as close to the rear of the trailer as possible. How to align your boat axle: Please keep in mind that this is a very basic formula or estimate for axle placement.

Being out of alignment with the trailer frame. In keeping with our belief of manufacturing heavy duty, high quality axle alignment equipment, our trailer kingpin extension/pogo stick Measure and note the distance between the front and rear axles on either side of the trailer.

By measuring the individual toe value for each hub, as these measurements are taken both (in front of and behind the axle), any static measurement errors will be eliminated, hence making the system self calibrating. Measure and note the distance between the front wheel and rear wheel on either side of the trailer, if your trailer has a second axle. Axles (including the wheels and tires) have several key bits of defining information.

(the face is where the wheel sits against the hub.) the measurement from the center of one spring pad to center of the other. If the distances deviate by more than 1/8 inch, then the rear axle is out of alignment with the front axle. Trailer axle drop is the distance from the centerline of spindle to bottom of the main axle tube.

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You can check axle alignment by measuring from the center of the coupler back diagonally to the center of one of the wheels. Then take the same measurement to the other wheel center. Axle alignment and adjustment measure from the centre of the kingpin to the centre of each end of the front axle and adjust as necessary until the dimensions are equal.

As the cameras themselves measure angles, the truckcam system operates independent of distances between axle hubs or hub adapters.

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