How To Measure Windows For Curtain Rods

If you're using a tension rod or installing another type of rod inside your window's frame or trim, measure the width of your windowpane. Curtains can add to the decor of any room, but if the rods aren't measured and hung correctly, you can ruin their effect.

How to measure for curtains and window treatments

Measure both the top and bottom widths and use the larger.

How to measure windows for curtain rods. Walls are rarely straight and the dimensions taken at floor level compared against those taken at ceiling level may differ significantly. When measuring for curtain rods, i like them to extend between two and six inches outside of the window casing. How to measure windows for drapery rods, simple version:

How to measure for curtain rods. Measure 12 from the back corner along the side wall and make a small (light) pencil mark on the wall. The rule for where to hang your curtain rods is an inch or two below your crown molding, if you have it.

Make sure the number of custom drapery panels you order can cover the entire area you want covered (total width divided by panels). Start from the inner edge of the frame on one side and measure across to the inner edge of the frame on the other. In general, curtains cover the entire window opening and frame, often extending to the floor.

Measuring windows in preparation for getting new curtains should be easier than a lot of other similar household tasks. That's this trim that surrounds the window. Measuring curtain rods for an inside mount:

Before you measure your window for width, it’s best to choose the length of your curtain rod. The extended measurement of 15cm on the left and right sides will allow for better and fuller light blockage in the room. Even if you have two identical windows, make sure to measure every window individually, as they may be slightly different.

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Windows are fairly easy to measure, and curtains hang over them. Curtains can add to the decor of any room, but if the rods aren't measured and hung correctly, you can ruin their effect. In the two photos below, it appears as if the drapery rod is not much longer than the window (obviously intentional in this case, as a designer.

You can connect two or more curtain poles with a pole joint/connector in order to increase the length. To measure how long your rod should be, measure from the outer end of the window’s frame on one side to the other. If you’re measuring for a rod above the trim mount, add 3 inches to each side.

Measure the window width, and add enough on each side so that the drapes will block the light around the sides of the window, and allow the drape to slide sufficiently off of the window when they are opened. Measure 12 from the back corner along the back wall and make a small (light) pencil mark on the wall. How to measure for curtain rods.

How to choose & hang curtains. Go a little bit wider for wider windows, and a little narrower for narrow windows. It is possible to install your curtain rod from within the window frame, below the trim, or above your window frame.

To help you correctly measure and specify the design of your blinds, curtain rods, venetian blinds and ready made curtains, we have prepared the following guide. Even if all the windows and/or wall sections appear to be the same, measure each one! They have amazing functional benefits—blocking or filtering light, insulating our homes, muffling noise, offering privacy—and they also enhance the aesthetic of any room.the only problem is that choosing the perfect curtains for your home can be overwhelming.

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Curtain rods are typically extended 3 to 6 inches past a window frame. Drapery curtain rods sells curtain poles in 4 different lengths: However, some bay windows feature distinct shapes and sizes that require distinct measuring adjustments.

If you don’t have any curtain rods or tracks installed, you can first measure your window’s width then add 15cm on the either sides of the window to get the width for your rod or track. If you already have a curtain rod, you can use this as a tool for measuring for curtains. However, because rods can be installed either inside, below, or above trim mount, determining where you install your rod affects the length.

Whether you install the curtains with diy bay window curtain rods, bay window poles, or curtain brackets, hanging curtains for your bay window requires taking proper measurements and selecting your desired placement. This measurement is the drapery rod length. Measure the width use the tape measure to measure the width of your window.

If you require an individual pole length longer than 8 feet please visit the long curtain rods page for more. Measure the width of your window and the height of the window, from the top to the floor if you want a long curtain, or to the sill, if you want a sill curtain. Accordingly, when you measure curtain rods for your windows, measure from frame to frame, then add an additional amount to allow the fabric to stack.

Installing curtain rods over your windows is a combination of design considerations and practicality. While most curtain rods are extendable, you need to determine where you will install your rod as this will determine the length that you opt for. For more tips, including how to make adjustments in your measurements if you want to tie your curtains back or have them puddle on the ground, read on!

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Curtains are an important part of our homes. The old adage 'measure twice, cut once' holds true even today. If people want to have more complex arrangements of curtains, that might have an effect on whether or not they will need to perform more […]

Before measuring the window itself, it is a good idea to choose your curtain rod. If not, you can measure the window itself, but make sure to add six 6 inches (three on each side) for the curtain rod. Take the measurements in the areas where the curtain rods will be installed, whether in the window recess or the wall surrounding the windows, even if this means climbing on a step ladder!

We typically add 5 inches to each side of the frame for windows up to 50 inches wide, then add another 2 inches for each additional 10 inches of window frame width.

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