How to merge Overwatch 2 accounts and set up cross-progression

Moving a live service game to a new platform is always difficult, as years of stats, ranks, and skins that players have spent valuable time and money on are at risk.

Overwatch 2 faced this particular conundrum when Overwatch 1 shut down and all players switched to the free-to-play sequel.

Fortunately, however, everything can be taken with you no matter what platform you played on, as all you have to do is merge your accounts.

However, linking these accounts can be a bit tricky and you only have one try to get it right. So here is everything you need to know about merging your Overwatch 2 accounts.

How to link Overwatch 2 accounts

In order to transfer your Overwatch progress and enable cross-progression, you must merge your Overwatch accounts with a account. A account is required to play Overwatch 2 on all platforms anyway, so you’ll need to create one regardless of whether you don’t already have one.

PC players already play on a account, but console users may need to set one up. You can create a account linked to your Overwatch account by following these simple steps:

  • Sign into Overwatch on the console (make sure this is the account you want to merge)
  • Scan the QR code on the screen with your mobile device
  • Enter the code displayed on your console to connect or create a account
  • If you wish to merge multiple Overwatch accounts, do so now through Account Settings (see below).
  • The next time you log into Overwatch, you will be prompted to verify your console account and the merge will be complete
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You can also do this on PC if you already have a account, which might be easier if you’re merging multiple platforms. This can be done through this method:

  • Load, click your account name at the top of the screen, then click My Account.
  • Select “Connections” and then you will see an option to add an Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo account
  • Add as many accounts as you like, log into Overwatch and select Merge Accounts from the main menu.
  • Verify that the correct console accounts are listed on your screen and confirm that you want to merge them. Follow the on-screen instructions and your accounts will be merged in no time!

Remember You can only merge accounts once, so make sure you’re merging the right accounts and platforms. You can only merge one account from each platform – that’s one from Xbox, one from Nintendo, one from Playstation and no more.

You can later unlink or switch the console account associated with your ID, but remember that it will be a year before you can switch the linked account again.

The Overwatch website has an extensive FAQ page for any tricky questions you might have, especially if you have multiple Overwatch accounts across multiple platforms.

Read more about Overwatch 2:

Overwatch 2 Account Merge and Cross Progression

Overwatch 2 cross progression infographic

Once you merge your accounts, all of your progress and unlocks will be saved and unified on your account. This includes credits, tokens, competition points, statistics and presets.

They’ve also enabled cross-progression (not to be confused with Overwatch 2’s cross-play), which means progression will carry over regardless of the platform you’re playing on – as long as it’s on your linked account, of course.

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However, there are a few small caveats: Overwatch League tokens purchased on Nintendo Switch cannot be merged and will only remain on the Switch, while Overwatch 2 achievements/trophies will be merged into your account but not automatically unlocked on other platforms will .

When merging multiple accounts, the highest number is used for rank and best stats, while cumulative stats are combined.

But other than that, you’re all set and ready to play against your friends on any platform!

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