How to migrate your PokerStars account in Ontario

PokerStars Ontario

Beginning June 28, 2022, Ontario PokerStars players will need to migrate their accounts to the new account PokerStars Ontario platform. The process may seem daunting at first, but it only takes a few moments and follows a simple process. This is mandatory for all Ontario account holders.

All you have to do is follow this simple step-by-step guide and you have yours PokerStars Ontario Account setup in no time.

One last thing, before you follow the instructions below, just know that your account balance is protected. All funds, tournament funds, tournament tickets and Star Coins will be converted to Canadian Dollars and automatically credited to your Ontario account.

Migrate your account now

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Step One: Sign in to your PokerStars account

Ontario step one

Access your PokerStars account as usual and a message will appear explaining that Ontario players must now play at

Just read the pop-up window and when complete, proceed to the next step by clicking the ‘Okay, move to’ button.

Everything you need to know about PokerStars Ontario

Step Two: Confirm the credentials

Ontario step two

A confirmation screen will then appear, simply stating that you will continue to use the same login details in order to continue using your account.

Step three: Confirm the account migration

Ontario step three

You can then either log out of PokerStars or continue to to confirm that you wish to migrate your account.

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Once you re-enter your login details, the PokerStars Ontario software will be automatically updated and ready to use. Mobile users should note that they must download the PokerStars Ontario app. Then log in to the new Ontario site.

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Step 4: Accept new agreements and policies

Ontario step four

You will then be prompted to accept the new one End user license agreement and Privacy Policy. Be sure to read this before ticking the boxes you want to tick, or just press the Select All slider.

All you then have to do is click accept and you have completed the final step of opening your account.

Step 5: Verify your PokerStars Ontario account

The last step is easy as you just need to verify your Ontario account which is a breeze. You can do this through a variety of documentation, such as:

  • utility bills
  • bank statements
  • insurance documents
  • Correspondence from local authorities
  • Letters from financial institutions

A comprehensive list of accepted documents can also be found here.

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Eligible iGames operated and administered by iGO are only available to persons physically located in the Province of Ontario. PokerStars operates under an agreement with iGaming Ontario.

Visit the Ontario Players homepage for more information

Ontario iGaming

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PokerStars Ontario Migration FAQs

Is it legal to play online poker in Canada?

In the 10 Canadian provinces, you can play online poker from operators who have obtained a license to operate.

However, it is legal for players to play online poker in the ten Canadian provinces.

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Is it legal to play online poker in Ontario?

As of April 4, 2022, online poker was regulated at that time.

For companies whose license has been accepted, such as B. PokerStars Ontario, you are legally allowed to play with this software and these platforms.

What are the tax implications of the PokerStars migration?

In Canada, a person’s online gambling winnings would not be considered taxable income from someone playing online as a hobby. However, an individual’s gambling activities may, under certain circumstances, result in taxable business income or business losses.

The best course of action would be to seek tax advice from a trusted tax advisor to determine whether you can be considered a gambling business and have taxable business income or losses.

How do I verify my PokerStars account?

You can verify your PokerStars account using a variety of documents, including utility bills, bank statements, insurance documents, correspondence from local authorities and letters from financial institutions.

A full list of accepted documents can also be found here.

Can I still play with friends/other people in other countries?

no Ontario players can only play against other Ontario based players. Shared global liquidity is not currently available.

However, play money only players can still play online against people in different countries.

Can I log in when I visit another country?

no You can only register and play if you are located and reside in Ontario.

Can I keep my old PokerStars Canada account?

No, once the migration is complete you will no longer have access to .NET.

Do I need to migrate my account to PokerStars Ontario?
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Yes. Effective June 28, 2022, PokerStars Ontario players will need to migrate their accounts to the new PokerStars Ontario platform. This is mandatory for all Ontario account holders.

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