How To Mount A Scope On A Mosin Nagant

Mounting a scope on to your mosin nagant may not always be as simple as installing one on to other types of commercial rifles. Last but not least, the tacfire mosin nagant scope is a scope with the right specs to help you get the best possible shot.

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How to mount a scope on a mosin nagant. Plus, you’ll have all the tools you need and then some to make sure that the installation of this mount on your rifle is an easy one. However my customer had added a butt pad/extender to his gun so the eye relief had changed. This new mount also features a full rail on the top so you’ll have more options for mounting your optics.

Choosing a mosin nagant scope mount. One reason for this is the straight bolt handle featured on the vast majority of mosins in contrast to a bent bolt handle. It is also very affordable and versatile.

The price paid, however, is the effort required to get the unit attached. The similar scope was used by vasily zaytsev, a soviet sniper during world war ii, notable particularly for his activities. The mosin nagant was never built for mounted optics.

Equipped with a 91/30 pu scope, was an exceptionally effective sniper rifle during the second world war. The mosin nagant was initially intended to be a soldier’s rifle for purely long range engagements where open sights would be used. This mount allows the use of a common rifle scope on all mosin nagant rifles including 9130, and all carbine versions.

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That meant i needed to move the scope mount back a bit to try and compensate. The only con is the absence of an installation guide in the package. The jmecks mount uses a band to attach the scope mount to the mosin nagant rifle, similar to the method used to attach the rear sight to the chinese t53 mosin nagant variant.

For this reason, many hunters and users choose it as a scout riflescope or pistol. It’s not difficult to place this mount on your mosin nagant, but a guide would help, for sure. This set also includes a drill bit and a tap to mount the scope on your mosin nagant rifle.

Jmecks sent us a scope mount to test and it is in our review queue. It is great for beginners due to the smooth use of this product and innovative design. 5 tacfire mosin nagant scope.

Mosin nagant rifle scope mount and rifle shell holder for stocks is best in online store. Our +20 moa mosin nagant mounts. Mounting a scope on the mosin nagant rifle is not a simple task.

Choosing a scope for the mosin nagant. Expect a full review in the future. Initially designed for the finnish m39, this scout scope mount also works as an universal fit for most milsurp mosin nagant variants.

Allows for mounting of scout scope or other long eye relief optics on your military surplus mosin nagant model m91/30 and m91/59 without the need to drill & tap receiver or make any permanent modifications to the firearm. A word on mosin nagants and scopes. I hope the list will help you to know more about how to mount a scope on a mosin nagant gun and consequently make a sound decision before purchasing.

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The mosin nagant double rail scope mount will be your product if you need a scope mount with easy installation, enhanced reliability and durability to keep your scope in place. Here at jmeck scope mounts we offer two different models of mosin nagant scope mounts. Let’s just say that the mosin nagant is one of the hardest rifles to mount a scope on.

The mosin nagant double rail scope mount will probably be your cup of coffee if you want something easy to install, reliable, and will keep hold of any scope that will work best for a mosin nagant rifle. Scope your mosin while preserving its historic integrity. This mosin nagant 91/30 scope can also save you from the hassle of buying scope rings and lens caps to fit any weaver base mount.

I will call in short word as mosin nagant rifle scope mount and rifle shell holder for stocks for many who are seeking mosin nagant rifle scope mount and rifle shell holder for stocks review. To help you deliver accurate shots you need to invest in the best long eye relief scope for your mosin will not only help to improve your shots but also improve shooting skills. So you can’t compare prices exactly, but it’s not a bad deal to get the scope and the mount from the same manufacturer.

This scope mount is made for the eye relief of the standard mosin nagant stock. Mosin nagant m9130 m38 m44 t53 universal fit scout scope mount by brass stacker. The scope mounts mentioned above are among the better and more affordable options for installing a scope to the mosin nagant rifle.

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In addition, it has safety features, including a long eye relief. The mosin nagant rifle is a very popular hunting rifle. After positioning the mount about 10 times, i finally had it where i wanted it and marked my.

We’ve taken our already proven scope mount design with the picatinny style rail. These mounts … continue reading “new +20 moa mosin nagant mounts for hex and round receivers”

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