How To Move A Grandfather Clock

Standard local or long distance moving professionals may not have the experience and expertise to dismantle, pack, and reassemble your grandfather clock. 1 after the grandfather clock stops chiming 12, gently grasp the hour hand only and move it either way to the position of 12.


Preparing a grandfather clock for moving requires care and attention.

How to move a grandfather clock. After reading your instructions, setting the time/chimes was easy! Finally, roll the grandfather clock to the truck and up the loading ramp. Moving my grandfather clock went fairly smoothly.

How to move a grandfather clock yourself Before you attempt to prepare the clock, be sure that you have the following on hand: If you’re moving locally, look for professional clock movers in your area.

Wind the clock, set it to the correct time and enjoy it. Upon arrival, our team will remove the weights from the clock to avoid any movement during transportation, which could result in damage and broken glass. Follow these easy steps and you are on your way to moving your grandfather clock.

Moving with a big family means you get to take many different items with you. Label all the boxes that contain parts of your grandfather clock “fragile” and “handle with care”. Some will be easier to box up but others, such as your precious clock, will take time and preparation.

Dust and dry coils affect the timekeeping, so they should be cleaned. If all this sounds too complicated, call your local clock shop and they will do it for you. However, the clock is reading 9 o’clock.

The grandfather clock has a lot of fragile and delicate components. But hiring movers will cost you money so you may decide to move your grandfather clock by yourself and save some cash in the process. Place inside of the truck and secure with tie backs.

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How to move your grandfather clock safely. Often a difference of a few millimeters will level your clock and even out the beat of the pendulum. One person should be holding the grandfather clock from behind, while one person should be controlling the dolly and the grandfather clock from the front.

The safest way to move a grandfather clock is to hire professional clock movers. Moving a grandfather clock from one home to another can be a serious challenge. This means that moving it solo can cause you injury and damage your clock.

We panicked for a moment, but the clock was all right. Here s the best way to pack and move a grandfather clock. As a result, moving a clock like this one of the more difficult things to move.

Reach through the front door of the grandfather clock and place your hand on the side of the pendulum disk. However, they can go 10 years without you having to call for a clock specialist. How to move a grandfather clock.

Move the base of the clock until you hear an even beat. Every member of our team is trained on the specifics of what it takes to move such a fragile item. Our tips for preparing to move a grandfather clock continue with a crucial step the removal of the.

Ok, said georgewe need to find a strap to prepare a grandfather clock for moving. You will need gloves, scissors, newspaper, painters tape, packing tape, a large blanket and about 40 minutes. Gently and slightly move your grandfather clock by holding the base of the clock with two hands.

The moon dial on a grandfather clock also gave the manufacturers of the clocks to add a personal touch to their grandfather clocks. One of those items is a grandfather clock. Prior to hiring a professional moving team like oakley relocation, let the clock wind down for several days.

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In fact, it’s not uncommon to see a grandfather clock that weighs several hundred pounds. * commercial and residential grandfather clock moving services * experienced, dependable, punctual, and great customer service fill out the form, and please tell us a little bit about your grandfather clock moving project, and a local mover will contact you asap with details on the next steps. Keeping the clock level, winding the clock gently every week and making sure the chiming action is activated keeps the weights in working order.

The crate or box that holds the clock case should be marked “this side up”, so that it won’t be laid down or flipped during the move. Grandfather clocks require little maintenance. Before touching the grandfather clock, remember that bare hands might cause damage.

Moving a grandfather clock laying down so we tried to move it. The grandfather clock is striking 12 times; You may think that your favorite time teller is a sturdy object.

Many of the older grandfather clocks or english tall case clocks, as many people called them, had a painting on the dial along side of the moons (each dial has 2 moons to keep the calendar accurate). Depending on the age of the clock you will need to move it in a different orientation. Have a moving company move your grandfather clock

The best way to pack and move a grandfather clock is to hire professional removals to take care of the tricky job for you. A grandfather clock has three weights. Your grandfather clock is now in beat and your move is complete.

There are certain items that take special knowledge and care to move in a safe and secure way. Grandfather clocks can easily weigh between 200 and 300 pounds. Now that all of the above steps have been completed you are ready to move the grandfather clock to its new location.

When moving a grandfather clock, you have to ensure that all accessory parts are removed and packed properly to prevent damaging the clock, according to howard miller company, the world’s largest grandfather clock manufacturer. For the best advice, sparefoot reached out to a few experts to chime in on how to move a grandfather clock. The best way to move a grandfather clock is to hire experienced professionals to do it for you.

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Sadly, the best way to complete a task often proves to be the costliest one too, so you may find it extremely beneficial to learn how to move a grandfather clock by yourself. If it is an older clock you will need to move it upright to protect the movement. Moving a grandfather clock is something that must be handled with extreme care.

However, in fumbling around getting weights and pendulum off, a small black plastic piece fell from the general area of where the pendulum “connector” is located. Of course, before anything else, it’s time for you to assess carefully the risk of moving a grandfather clock by.

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